How Not To Give Up

We all get them, those feelings of doubt, fear, lack of self confidence or self belief. What ever it is we want to achieve in life, no matter how much we want it, there will always be times when we will hit a wall and feel like giving up.

How not to give up can be difficult sometimes. Tough times even make the most motivated people want to give can this is completely normal. Despite the overwhelming feelings of wanting to just give up, it’s really a important time not to.

What Makes You Want To Give Up Easily

We often can identify the reasons for giving up before we identify the reasons not to. Each is driven by different motivations, yet there are a few human instincts that come into play here.

Mistaking Lessons For Failure: Not being able to see the roadblock for the lesson it is. Keep going anyway.

The Outcome Is More Important Than The Journey: Put more emphasis on the end result and dismissing the importance of how you’re getting to the end goal and grow along the way.

Seeing The Failure Before It Even Happens: Self-sabotaging yourself by creating the thought that it just won’t happen. This is usually down to limiting beliefs and lack of self-belief.

Lack Of Discipline: We must realize that achieving our dreams won’t fall into our Lap within a few weeks, it will take hard work and determination.

Adjusting To Changes: We must embrace changes in direction, the need to adjust ideas or finding that things evolve differently to how we originally imagined it and taking it as sign it’s not meant to work out. We need to be open to change and the natural evolution to something more amazing.

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