The Truth Of The Human Spirit

Each of us struggles with limitation in a very personal way. Without limitation, we would have no individuation. Humanity would be a canvas of brushstrokes.

I’ve lately been thinking, “What is going in this world?” I wanted to under how it is that something common to every person is so difficult to grasp.

What does it mean to be human? Though this search didn’t yield the definition I was hoping for, it left me with a powerful thought. The human spirit offers us the capacity to persevere in pursuit of truth.

Our most rewarding endeavor is to build confidence in our beliefs and cultivate and actualiize them. We are born to contribute by creating. From the intangible space between our mind and our heart emerges a palette of creativity. Our thoughts are manifested through our action, each stoke of a soul’s paint brush. Life is the canvas upon which our spirit renders its masterpiece. It’s a nice way to think about life. What kind of masterpiece are you painting?

Humanity is like a canvas with our perceived limitation ps offer a kaleidoscope of human experience. The apex of out potential is where we find the full expression of our being.

Striving to realize our full potential we encounter the source of our fulfillment and frustration. The is which is true to us. The deepest desire of our heart, is rarely a straight and easy path. In my own life, I’ve endured a lot of pain and failure. Where I didn’t even see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was stuck in limbo for years, not knowing how to move forward. It was the most painful experience I’ve ever had to endure. Then I realized later I was the strongest person who ever wanted to quit.

Not being true to ones self is to diminish the human experience, settling for a easier life at the expense of our hearts. We let ourselves down and sell others short the full benefit of Grace. Each of us is an example of what is possible and, by virtue of that, inspires greatness in others. Our greatest contribution to those around us is our own excellence.

When there’s a truth that we are aching for, when a person yearns to know the color of their own soul, the human spirit gives us the capacity to see it through. No matter how many times we fake the human spirit Geiger us strength to get back up again. Until one day despite all odds, we accomplish what we set out to create.

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