Life is a great teacher. As long as we live, we will keep on learning, whether from experience, from the people we meet, or from our mistakes.

There are lessons that we will encounter over and over again, without realizing that they will not go away until we learn from them. Have you ever stumbled upon a certain situation that just seems to come back to haunt you? Well, that is the proof that you need to overcome this situation.

The same thing goes with challenges. We often stumble upon certain challenges over and over until finally we learn how to overcome it and learn from it.

Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.

Pema Chodron

The next time you encounter difficulties don’t run away from them. Face them head on and find out what you need to learn. Don’t be afraid of the challenges and lessons. They are part of life. Be brave in all these situations. They will help improve your life.