Walk Away From People That Take Your Peace

If someone makes you miserable more than they make to happy, regardless, you need to let them go. There comes a point when we need to walk away from the chaos, the pain and people who steal your peace.

Some people are toxic to the point they are creeping through the cracks of our resolve. They refuse to respect our boundaries. So why stay around them and let them torture you.

Your life is worth more, and you were not born to be depressed or angered by someone who pushes you around. They just want to bring you down. They tell us we are not worthy and awful. I personally need someone around me that lifts me up not tear me down.

Get them out of your life, delete, ban, or block them. Compassion have some for yourself! You are the only person that can control your own happiness. Do it for yourself and don’t feel guilty because you walked away.

I’m not saying that all people are toxic, cruel or uncaring. Many of these people have good intentions, it just that those intentions are not for us.

I am struggling with my mother-in-law, she absolutely takes away my peace. She isn’t a bad person, she is very loving in her own way. But, I just have different views. My husband and I have been married 31 years in April. I am tired of having to pretend I’m someone I’m not. Enough is enough. I respect her because she is my husband’s mother but that’s all. I’m sure you all have had someone like that in your life. I am learning to deal with my mother-in-law in a different way.

As hard as it is we have to let them go for our own sanity. As much as you care for them you can’t destroy yourself for the sake as someone else.

I was reading an article a few days ago, and I was surprised by what I was reading. That article read “There are 6 toxic people who may be sabotaging your happiness.”

  • The person who doesn’t like you
  • The person you’ve had a falling out with
  • The person who is constantly stressed
  • The person who always argues with you
  • The person who uses you
  • The person who is a bad influence on you

Those are the people that we need to cut out of our lives.

In order to deal with people who focuses on your flaws, you need to focus on your positives. Keep your goals in mind and be around people who make you happy this will keep the toxic out.

I little venting is okay, but if your constantly hashing out stressful topics when your with this person, your health may be taking a hit. Stress is contagious. When your with someone who is constantly strung-out, it can trigger your body’s own bodies

While I don’t know what situation you may be in, but if your letting a friend go and breaking up with someone removing yourself from the situation that feels stressful or painful, you have every right to start making your life a bright and happier place.

We have so much to live for, life is such a beautiful thing. We are always going to come across people who don’t want to support our self-improvement. That’s always going to be a part of life.

Toxic people burn the bridges yet, they always wonder why we don’t go back to visit. My advice is don’t go back. It’s not going to be easy but it will sure be worth it.

We are allowed to terminate toxic relationships. We are allowed to walk away from people who hurt us. We are allowed to be angry and selfish. We don’t owe anyone an explanation for taking care of ourselves.

Start wanting your own happiness. It’s okay to care for yourself. We are not obligated to just sit there and smile and swallow are the garbage everyone heaps on us.

Our mind is such an important and powerful thing. When we fill it with positive people, our life will start to change. You can’t keep dancing with the devil and keep wonder why your still in hell. Be the change you want to see and you will find happiness you forgot you had.

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