Change Your Mind Change Your Life

Our thoughts and the way we shape them determine the kind of life we lead. Our life can be happy, just satisfactory, or really sad based on the nature of our thoughts.

Accommodating only positive thoughts and emotions can set up your life for a happier existence.

Being happy and optimistic will generate a feeling of energy in your body, which will make us more content with ourselves and our surroundings and give out positive vibes.

When you are happy, your blood and circulation supply increases which is healthy for our organs. The willingness to change our thoughts and pull down and stop us from leaving our bed will not only, jump into action and make sure we stand on our feet, and will have a positive effect on our health too.

Our thoughts and attitude can enable us to do things we never thought could be done. I never thought I would be whole and happy 5 years ago. But here I a slaying it. We only need to have the desire and willingness to improve our lives.

Our brains are powerful and is able to change our thoughts, but it takes training, it will not change overnight. But it can change its thinking power if we decide to change our minds and change our lives.

Our thoughts drive our attitudes and that can determine the kind of lives we will lead in the world.

The fact that your actions and attitudes define our values and exists in your mind.

To be fully satisfied with your life, you must make the best of everything in your possession. Don’t stay fixed on your negative thoughts and think of things you should have.

We cannot have a perfect life, it’s not possible in the world as it is. We must learn to ignore all the imperfections ad negativity you come to witness in your routine. You can learn to find perfection in everything you find imperfect.

Change your mind to change your life and have more purity in your thoughts. If your thoughts are positive then your life will be too.

Stop yourself from feeling irritated when people react differently to how you want them to respond. Rather than demanding change and then angry about it, the best thing you can do is change yourself.

I used to get so upset and stressed by every little thing (even someone not picking up the right stuff at the grocery store.) it was driving me insane. I began to ask myself “does it really even matter?) usually it didn’t matter, I could not control it, so why stress over it.

You can change your thoughts and attitudes and try to adjust with the people or situations you do not agree with. Do not think you can change the world because only thing you have power over is your mind.

Reflect on your life, everyday

Every morning wake up and take some time to reflect on what your grateful for in your life. Try spending 15-30 minutes on yourself every morning.

When reflecting on the positive you mind fixates on all the good things that happens to you on a daily basis.

Be thankful for life, God breathed life into you another day.

Be grateful you had a great talk with a co-worker or friend. Be grateful you have gotten to help someone today.

We must see all the positives that happen in our life during the day.

Focus on the positive instead of the negative. When I negative enters your mind change it to a positive thought. “I ran out of gas today, but I had a chance to make a friend.”

Fill your heart with positives and there will be no time for negatives.

When you wake up in the morning have a attitude that your going to happy all day.

We all have a responsibility to change our life and stay happy.

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