Favor For A Purpose

Have you ever asked someone for a favor? From time to time, we all needs help from others. Favor from friends can be expected, but favor from a stranger is rare. There is favor from people, and there if favor from God – both are wanted.

Today I would like to write about God’s favor. God’s favor is for a purpose.

Last night when I was in bed I was praying to God and suddenly I heard my favor Is for a purpose. As I laid there thinking about this I realized. God grants favor and grace to those He can entrust with His purposes.

I never thought of it that way before. When things are going good for us. Do we think God is giving me favor so I can bless Him? What do you do to bless God (To Please Him).

When we are faithful in little, God can make us ruler over much. Your assignment has a purpose. God’s blessings and anointing are for a purpose- to bless others.

God loves us all the same, but His favor on our lives varies from person to person. We can co-operate with God for more.

What is Favor? What does favor do? How do you get favor with God? Let me try to give you a better idea.

Consider Mary in the Bible a highly favored one, the Lord is with her she has found favor with God, her favor was to become the mother of Jesus. She had Grace bestowed upon her. Because she was anointed for a purpose by God. To become the recipient of God’s goodwill.

The angel Gabriel said to Mary, “For you have found favor with God.” (Luke 1:30) There will only be one Mary, but wouldn’t you like that pronouncement on your life? “You have found favor with God.”

We loved to be liked by our peers and authorities over us. Favor makes for an easier life and fewer difficulties. In the terms of God’s kingdom, we want the King to like us and others to honor us.

Gabriel told Mary she was “blessed.” (Luke1:28) Which means to speak well of, praise, extol, bless abundantly. When God blesses people,He grants them favor and confers happiness upon them. By the way Jesus said to Bless those you curse you.

Favor Is Linked To Relationship

If we ask again, have you ever asked someone the question, “Could you do me a favor?” Generally, we ask a favor from close friends or those who we share a relationship.

No one expects much success when asking strangers for a favor. How many times do we come to the stranger called God and ask for a favor in times of a crisis? The level of favor you receive from people and from God is linked to the level of relationship you have.

Jesus Increased With Favor

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men.” (Luke 2:52) Luke’s narrative in character two describes Jesus, developing as a child, in wisdom and favor. Jesus is our model for Kingdom life on earth.

Favor is from the Greek word Charisma and means acceptable, benefit, favor, gift, Grace. It’s a gift, it’s Grace; it’s benefit from God. Jesus obtained acceptance and grace from God and men.

When we are working in God’s purpose we are favored by God and men so that we can do something for the King of the Universe.

Isn’t that the way you would like to spend your life “With Favor From God?” I know I sure would.

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