Mind over matter is more that just an interesting turn of phrase to describe the power of thoughts. Through the ages has informed us, each in their own way, that mind over matter is part of the destiny of humanity.

What is Mind Over Matter?

Most minds throw up obstacles before you even get started pushing the envelope of your comfort zone. Our brains and our communities of family and friends are all wired to protect us-and themselves by discouraging outrageous goals and dreams.

Why? Because it’s risky. You might fail. Because your pursuit of personal excellence is a threat to those who are not.

Mind over matter is you bringing your dreams to life, no matter the obstacles in your way.

Thoughts become things if we energize them.

The Power Of Thoughts

To give in to your cravings. To give in to cravings, impulses and reactions, is to be ruled by your brain. Can people who are obese? Yes they give into the power of cravings.

I was very obese, I have a definite problem with eating. I like to eat, it’s my pleasure. I used to weigh about 400 lbs. It was my only comfort in life. One day I looked in the mirror after getting out of the shower, and thought what have a done.

I started a strict diet and lost over 200 lbs. I then lost 55 lbs. I felt good, I had unlimited energy and was healthy. But then I diagnosed with Cancer and gave up on my diet, I gained 145 lbs back.

I would go to the refrigerator with not even thinking about it, and eat something I knew was not on my diet.

I had lost my mind over matter. I would say “A little bit won’t hurt.” But it. did.

Until we decide to push through anything and keep doing it. Until we decide to put through it, your fate will determine the choices you make.

We’re wired to shop at tired. But we can rewire.

The obstacles you push against yield to the extent that you push. And some you have to go around them. But whatever you do, don’t let them stop you

LeAura Alderson

Success requires that you honor your vision for your life.

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the good wolf -bad wolf sometimes called white wolf, black wolf. The basic premise goes like this.

The Native American father says to his son: “There are two wolves inside of you, a white wolf and a black wolf and they’re always fighting.”

The son: which one wins?

The Father: The one you feed.

To give in to cravings, impulses, and reactions, is to be ruled by your brain. To master yourself requires that you level up to your best expectations.

But What About Our Feelings?

It’s normal to experience a feeling and then focus your mind on that feeling or emotion. To focus on it is to reinforce it. I order to change you need to reframe and reconstruct the force of habit to work for you, not against you.

Most feelings are just habits, If we don’t like the feeling, we can change the habit.

Adult Up

It’s time for the “Inner Child” to give way to the inner Adult.

Take you creativity, individuality and free spirit with you. It’s time to create the life you want as only you can.

Shallow people believe in luck and circumstance. Strong people believe in cause and affect.

As a child when I came out of the hospital from malnutrition from my mother one feeding me. My father would allow me to eat whatever I wanted, because he wanted me to be happy. I decided if I asked him for candy and a surgery drinks. I would always get it. I was not mature enough to make the best decisions for myself. It’s the same thing with our cravings and cavings.

To give up in to your cravings is to allow your lowest self- your physical elemental to rule. To give into your emotional whims, is to allow your animal self to determine your life and your happiness.

If people cannot see past their limitations they take them as truth.