When You Reach A Breaking Point

How many times have you thought or said to yourself- “I can’t take this any longer?”

We have a breaking point from time to time. When enough is enough. No one is immune to continuous stress or anxiety. But learning how to overcome a breaking point is crucial.

We are tested my breaking points. And with courage we can turn them into defining moment for the better.

Each person has a breaking point, no matter how strong their spirit is. Somewhere inside of us, deep inside us a flaw that only a variable of cruelty or fate can find. The earlier we see the it the better.

Denying it can be dangerous. A breaking point is not an isolated incident but the accumulation of a internal process. The tension and stress built over time. Like a pressure cooker and if we deny this over time we will explode.

The fatigue builds up as we continue to push ourselves because we want to stay on course with our lives. We fail to pay attention to our minds telling us to stop until it’s too late.

Some people resist being under pressure and immediately turn off. Others ignore the symptoms as together and let the stress build up until they suddenly explode.

Chronic stress is like hearing dripping faucet. First you notice it, then you get irritated and finally you can’t take anymore. By the time to can’t take it anymore it’s time to fix it.

There are 3 stages that make the breaking point into a make or break situation.

  • You are aware of being under pressure, but still feel centered.
  • Stress clouds your judgment, and a conscious effort not to respond with-anger, anxiety or impatience.
  • You can’t cope any longer and you explode your release the tension momentarily but feel embarrassed and regretful.

Stress is cumulative; don’t miss the signs.

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