Being Tested Throughout Your Life

This last week have been a rough go for me. It’s been almost the entire month of April. It’s gone from a horrible migraine headaches to my sodium level dipping dangerously low and a week in the hospital. To blood work every 4 hours for 3 days. My arms look like black and blue pin cushions. I was diagnosed with brain lesions caused from severe chronic migraines. And while the doctors were doing CT-Scans to MRI’s they found a tumor in my artery in my neck. This artery that my carotid artery is twisted around. The doctor’s want to get a biopsy, but aren’t sure how to go about it. It’s very risky. If they nick my carotid artery I’m as good as dead.

I have been a very strong woman most of my life. But, now I’m not certain I’m going to win this one.

It’s been all I can think about since last week. So there was no use trying to write an article for my blog today.

I completely trust my God, but it’s scary to think that I could be close to death with this surgery.

I know I need to buck up and be strong to get through this once and for all. Before it takes my voice or my sight.

I know I have to get the biopsy done and get this tumor out, and I need to be strong now more than ever.

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