Keep Your Head High Up.

Keep Your Head High No Matter What Happens. You’ll Be Alright. If The Moment Hurts, Do Not Fall Victim To Its Pain. Look Ahead. Focus On Dreams. You’ll make it.

So you spilled your cup of coffee on your white shirt before walking into an important meeting. And last night, that text message you sent off never got read, when you were really were counting on a response. and to top off just how great your week has been going, your on the way to get lunch and your check engine light comes on, you had a mechanic look at it over the weekend and he said everything was fine.

Alright the things listed above are hypothetical, however they are absolutely not impossible. You can have those off days. It could be more or less harsh than to spilled coffee or a car issue. Maybe you lose your phone or your keys, maybe you’ll lose a family member of friend. Life happens. But the beautiful thing about it is that, no matter what you go through today or tomorrow or next week or in the next 5 years and so on. You have the power to control your attitude towards it all.

I know it’s superficial to always here “don’t worry, everything will be ok” and “there’s people who have it worse.” You want someone to genuinely understand you and see you as an individual but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. But, don’t worry, your feelings and emotions and the thing’s you have experienced aren’t overlooked completely. You matter. I might not know who you are or where you are, I want you to know from one human to another who’s been through a lot to another.

Breath because you can. Look in the mirror for a few moments and remind yourself how many things you’ve made it through. And you are still here. You’re strong. I know things don’t go the way you want them to. I can relate. But the way life goes is the way it’s going to go, no matter what, accept it and let go of the fear of what might happen next.

Embrace that you’re more than your anger and sadness and you are definitely much more than dwelling on the past and the things you cannot change.

If you have a bad day, make it better by listening to your favorite music or calling someone you love ( not to complain but to have them lift you up.) Maybe talking to someone if just what you need in that moment.

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