Bad Habits You Must Eliminate If You Want A Happy Life.

A life filled with toxicity is not created by bad luck or circumstance it is created by a cycle of bad habits and a negative mind set. By conditioning and by repeated habits, consciously or unconsciously.

We all have bad habits in our lives that are ruining and hampering the level of growth in our lives and it is never too late to eliminate these habits to improve the quality of life.

Bad habits are continual practices that deteriorate our quality of our lives. It could be mentally, physically or spiritually. With the chaos of life, it is sometimes difficult for us to slow down, critically evaluate and reflect on the habits that we are cloning. Both the good habits and the bad habits and then amend these habits.

These habits could be the little things we do everyday, the truth is that bad habits are hard to break bit it is possible. If you must eliminate these bad habits you’ll need to work on how the gears in your mind, not creating an anchor around the circumstances and people in you life.


This is a major spike in negativity, we induce into our lives, we are often too quick to pull down our own unique blinds and usher ourselves to try and be life others “if I was only like her/him.” We are constantly taunted by the light of the other person we fail to realize that we carry so much more.

You have castles inside your bones, coronets in your heart, you are a unique being who has so much value in this world. You deserve to be here, you are loved, please don’t believe anything different. You have magic in your soul, even though to feel broken.

Remembering your unique identity. The timing in your life is perfect. Everything is working for your improvement and your development is good.

Don’t be consumed by what you are not. Live in truth and power.

There will never be another you. That alone makes you wonderful and special.

Your story is valid. It is teaching you something, it has a purpose and you are a living testimony of the purpose.

Negative Beliefs

Our thoughts are keys to our development and improvement, the thoughts we consume are capable of enhancing our lives or putting a stop to our rapid growth and development. Negativity is a bad habit that subtly creeps into our minds, configuring that shades of truth to falsehood.

These negative beliefs can be built from assumptions, challenges, criticisminsecurities, anxiety and fear of the unknown. Constantly harboring negative beliefs is a quick trip to unhappiness.

You cannot begin to change or eliminate bad habits if you don’t recognize them in the first place. The first step to creating any change in life to realize change needs to happen. So start by acknowledging the bad habits.

Negative beliefs are cannibalistic, the more you feed it, the bigger and stronger it grows. People who project negativity typically have low self esteem, they feel bah about themselves and their negativity is simply a reflection of those feelings instead of entertaining and processing these negative thoughts, take change and challenge them.

The mind of a human is capable of anything: you can alter your life to a progressive lane through your thoughts. Rather than ushering in negativity with your words, adopt positive declarations. Instead of saying “I’m behind in life” ask yourself where did the timeline idea come from, and is it valid?

Instead of saying I’m not enough ask yourself who profits off your insecurity and beauty standards?

Instead of saying “I’ll never find love, ask yourself how can I make more room for the love you already have.

Instead of saying “I’m not good enough,” ask yourself how you can be good for myself right now?

Instead of saying “I’m going to fail,” ask yourself since failure in inevitable in life, how can I let it be okay?

We are what we repeatedly do, excellent is not an act but a habit. The routines we continually practice make a huge impact in our lives and most times we fail to employ positive routines to guide our daily activities.

We practice bad habits like checking our phone first thing in the morning, consuming to much sugar, spending to much time on social media, wasteful spending, long term use of pain killers, not drinking water, neglecting our emotions.

Our daily routines kick up your momentum to take charge for the rest of the day.

The quality of your routine and the activities you engulfed in daily outline the quality of your life. Everyday you make choices,you could choose at the beginning of your day as you are waking up to do the thing you know you have to be doing at that moment or the choice to fake back and find comfort in laziness.

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