There Comes A Time When You Have To Stop Crossing Ocean’s For People Who Wouldn’t Even Jump A Puddle For You.

Have you ever heard this quote? I always thought it was accurate. But today I had a check in my spirit.

I was at the grocery store and I ran into a couple who used to be good friends. I hadn’t spoke to them for a few years.

Today I went up to them and asked how they were. Immediately I got the cold shoulder. My thoughts were “ her and I used to go to convention together. I always drove because she was on oxygen and didn’t have a car. We used to go the lunch all the time.

A few years ago I had stopped volunteering for a group, because I was being taken advantage of and felt like I was being disrespected.

She barely said Hi to me today, and this quote came to mind. Thinking she wasn’t worth my time anymore. I would just ignore her. When I was going to my car after checking out. I immediately felt that check.

Do cross oceans for people because we are called to love all people with no conditions attached. Don’t worry whether or not they are worthy. Cross oceans, climb mountains. Life isn’t about what you gain, it’s about what you give. And it changed my mind.

Just because an old friend doesn’t understand how you feel. Don’t change who you are or how you feel.

Still be the amazing person, you always were. And do not change for anyone, no matter the reason. You don’t have to have lunch with them every week, or have deep conversations with them. But be polite with them. Don’t disrespect them just because they disrespected you.

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