Ways To Make Yourself Mentally Stronger

How often do let our emotions take us over. Your angry, so your going take it out on someone. Do we think screaming and crying will help? We’re sad or someone hurt us, so we’re going to have a pity-party and make ourselves feel worse.

Here are some ways to make you mentally stronger.

  • Practice Labeling Your Emotions. Putting a name to your feeling decreases their intensity. So, whether you’re feeling angry, sad, anxious or scared, acknowledge it at least to yourself. Also, pay attention to the way those emotions affect your choices. When you’re feeling anxious you may be less inclined to take risks. When you’re excited you may be more impulsive. Increasing your awareness of your emotions can decrease the chances that you’ll make irrational decisions based on your emotions only.
  • Establish Healthy Ways To Deal With Uncomfortable Emotions.
  • Naming your emotions is only part of the battle-you also need skills to regulate your emotions. Think about your current coping skills. Do you eat when you’re nervous? Do you drink to calm yourself down! Do you fly off the handle when your angry? Those common strategies at make you feel better in the moment but they will make you feel worse over the long-term. Keep in mind what helps one person won’t necessarily work for you need to find what helps you deal with your emotions best. You may have to experiment with different coping skills to find out what works for me. Reading, deep breathing, exercising, spending time in nature are just a few strategies that could help. For me it’s reading and going on nature walks.

  • Identify And Replace Unhealthy Thought Patterns. The way you think affects how you feel and how you behave. Thinking things like “I can’t stand this,” or “I’m such an idiot,” robs you of mental strength. Pay attention to your thoughts, notice common themes and patterns. Perhaps you talk yourself out of doing things that feel scary. Or maybe you convince yourself that you have no control over your life. Respond to unproductive and irrational thoughts with something more helpful. So instead of saying, “I’m really going to mess this up,” remind yourself, “This is my chance to shine and I’m going to do my best. Changing those conversations with yourself can be the most powerful thing you could do to change your life.
  • Take Positive Action. The best way to train your brain to think differently is by changing your behavior. Do hard things-and keep doing them when you think you can’t . You’ll prove to yourself that you’re stronger that you think. There’s a quote that says

It’s not who you are that holds you back it’s who you think your not.


This quote I carry in my heart always to remind myself that I am stronger than I think I am. Just do it.

  • Establish health daily habits as we,k. Practice gratitude, exercise, get plenty of sleep, and eat a healthy diet. This will help your brain and your body be at their best. Seek our people who inspire you to be your best. And create an environment that supports your efforts to build a healthy lifestyle.
  • Give Up The Bad Habits That Rob You Of Mental Muscle. All the good habits in the world won’t be affective if you’re doing them a,one side of bad unhealthy habits. It’s like eating donuts while you’re running on a treadmill. Pay attention to your bad habits that rob you of mental strength. Whether you have a pity party or you resent other people’s success, it only takes one or two to keep you stuck in life.
  • Once you become aware of your bad habits, devote energy into replace them with healthier alternatives. Then, you’ll be able to step out of the hamster wheel and actually more forward toward your goals.
  • Become Your Strongest Self. Just like it takes time and practices become physically strong, building mental strength takes dedication as well. But, building mental muscle is the key to feeling your greatest potential.

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