How To Win The War In Your Mind

The Bible tells us in Romans 12;2 that we are not to be conformed to this world.

In a world gone wild, and surrounded by the enemies of our soul seeking to distract and destroy us, we desperately need the truths of the gospel applied to our minds daily.

We need to Challenge our thoughts daily.

Have you ever slowed down to pay attention to what is going on in your mind?

What are you hearing? What are you thinking? What are you believing?

Last week was a bad week for me, I was very busy with work and organizing the making of the Veterans St. Patrick’s day float. It was difficult to keep my mind on God. I came home Saturday night feeling drained of energy and very distracted from my mind. I had a argument with my thoughts. I struggled to concentrate on the things of God. My thoughts were, I was a horrible person because I didn’t do Gods work the entire week, even thought I prayed and ministered to hurting people. Satan can be very tricky.

We are constantly being informed by words and ideas, world views and philosophies. Our personal stories are filled with disappointment, brokenness, and pain. And our hearts and heads have been informed by lies, deceit, and accusations from the world, the flesh, and satan.

We need to take captive of our thoughts and examine them. To take something captive is to take control of it and put it in a controlled environment like putting a ferocious animal in a cage. (That’s how I was feeling last night. I knew whatever was in my mind had to get out). Then, we need to take a closer look at our thoughts and consider what we are thinking or believing and why.

We need to consider if our thoughts line up with what is true of Jesus and our life in him. Do our thoughts conform to the truths of the gospel. Ask yourself; Am I thinking or believing the good news about God, others or myself?

The enemies of our mind tells lies about God to tempt us, to breed distrust in relationship to divide us, and to rehearse accusing words in our ears to destroys.

What kinds of words are you hearing in your mind?

If your thinking bad thoughts about anyone, or planning on doing something that it wrong. This is Satan getting to think Ill of others. God loves, you, nothing bad or evil can come from God. It can only come from Satan.

Regularly invite the Holy Spirit to witness to you regarding who Jesus is, what he has done, and who you are because of his work. If you’re thoughts or beliefs you are having do not line up, the Spirit will make it known as He brings to remembrance what is true of God and of you because of the gospel.

Here are some questions we can ask the Holy Spirit to address in me.

  • Is that really true, or is it a lie?
  • Does this sound like Satan’s accusation or the Spirit’s conviction?
  • What am I putting my hope in now-God’s word or work, or someone else’s?
  • How do the truths of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection address this thought or belief?
  • What about Jesus do I need to remember right now?

Praying brings our requests to God. Prayer also submits our thoughts and beliefs to God’s Spirit, so that our mind can be renewed by the truths of God’s word as we submit and listen for God’s Word.

The war of our mind is not a passive activity, but an active, vigorous fight, fought with the power of God and spiritual weapons made available to us through the gospel. As the Spirit makes the truth of Jesus known to us, we must hold fast to them.

This is where putting the whole armor of God comes in. With this we have a readiness to run from evil and chase after God’s obedience Because we know we are free and unhindered by guilt, shame, and fear. Because of Jesus, our guilt is removed, our shame is covered, and our fear is demolished, for He is victorious over our enemies.

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