Know Your Worth

Knowing your worth is really an insurance policy for your mental well-being and it affects everything in your life.

Know your worth, then add tax.


Low self-confidence makes us doubt our abilities. It prevents us from setting big goals and having any ambition to go after them. This can all lead up to a poor quality of life.

When you know your worth, you trust yourself and the decisions you make. You have more confidence and don’t question yourself. And it causes you to act quickly and seize the opportunities that can come up.

Know your worth so that people treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

As a child I felt I was nothing, not worthy of love from anyone. When I starting drinking alcohol and doing recreational drugs, It make me feel like I could do anything. I thought everyone loved me.

After I was married I stopped and drinking and the drugs. So hence I began to feel worthless again. I felt worthless and felt I didn’t deserve love. It took me 20 years to start feeling y worth.

Knowing your worth is especially important in our personal relationships. I nearly destroyed my marriage and the relationship with my children by always pushing them away.

You need to stop settling for feeling mediocre and not feeling worthy of anything. I’m not saying it all starts with you because there are some truly horrible people out there who will never see you for who you are and treat you unfairly or just plain wrong.

But here’s the thing self-worth is self-respect which leads to a stronger self-esteem.

The stronger Your self-respect and self-esteem will allow you to identify those horrible people who try to tear you down. You are better equipped to deal with them, you know you don’t have to settle in the situation that your in.

The most difficult time for me, is when I constantly tore myself down. Once you can get your self out of that rut, you start practicing how to not allow others to do the same to you.

When you know your truth worth no matter what people try to make you believe it won’t bother you, because you know the truth.

This gives you confidence. This higher confidence level can help leave a bad partner or job, or just leads you to making better decisions for yourself. Because you know you can do better.

But knowing your worth is not a scapegoat for an entitlement. It doesn’t mean that one day you decide you are perfect and deserve so much more that what you already have. That is not the point at all. It an empowerment to self-growth.

Be honest with yourself and make a realistic assessment of who you are that includes areas that can be improved and worked on. We are constantly evolving. Recognize the areas you need to improve on, working on bad habits and introducing now ones the good ones will take your self-worth to a new level.

I can’t tell you how much better you will feel, when your boss or anyone else for that matter tells you you’re an amazing person.

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