How To Pray Dangerously.

We all know how we should pray, but all to often, we come before the Lord with safe prayers. We ask God to bless us, help us, provide for us and these are good prayers; but what happens if we come before God with more dangerous prayers?

Bold prayers that will challenge us, make us uncomfortable, break us, transform us, and entirely change our lives. This type of praying will not hurt us per se, but they will take us into new levels in our faith walk. They will make us more like Christ and draw us into intimacy with God.

I once heard a sermon on Daniel’s three friends and their “even if” faith. The kind of faith that can make you say “even if you don’t, Lord I will still believe” (Daniel 3:17-18.) That sermon inspired me, and I also desired to have even if faith, but I didn’t know that I had just said a dangerous prayer.

I was a naive new Christian, and I assumed I would simply wake up with even more faith. But that couldn’t even further from the truth. What I didn’t know is that to have even if faith, you must be in an even if situation. Trials test, refine, and improve your faith (Peter 1: 6-7.) There is no way around it.

If faith is like a muscle, then trials are light weights that help us work it out and get stronger. And once you we can comfortably lift one weight, God will level it us. That’s what happened to me. I feel into the darkness season of my life and struggled immensely to hold on to what little faith I had. Whenever I had a secure grip on it, the situation would get worse and send me tumbling again.

At one point I wondered if God was indeed behind my trials because it looked like he wanted me to lose my faith in him. But He was strengthening it by making me able to bear more and more. Now when I look back to when I was a baby Christian to now. I can say without a doubt, my faith is so much stronger, and my relationship with God is much more closer. And I never would have gotten here without going through what I had to go through.

Faith is extremely important for without it, we cannot please God. But prayer asking for more or stronger faith are dangerous prayers. How ever if you daring and prepared to go through fire to get there, say this prayer:

Abba Father, increase my faith and strengthen it so I may believe in you even in my darkest hours. Let me trust you even if you don’t answer my prayers how and when I want it,

Humble Me.

“But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” ( James 4:6)

Since becoming a Christian, pride has been one of my biggest struggles. Pride of self-reliance. I learned along time ago, I could count on no-one, not my mother, my husband, friends. And it was because I was hurt by them so badly. I had to be completely desperate to humble myself and ask for help. But as a Christian I couldn’t keep it up for God opposes the proud. So one day I ask a dangerous prayer “for God to humble me.

I believed I would wake up one morning and be humble like Moses, but again, I was painfully wrong. When God humbles you, it’s not passive. The Greek word used to oppose means to set oneself against, to range in battle against. God will attack your pride by putting you in humbling situations.

When God attacked my pride, He put me in many situations in which I felt utterly powerless. I had to depend on people frequently and needed help for almost everything. I was a blow to me independent nature. Afterward God put me in a season where I had only Him. I decided to run and leave everything behind because my husband would listen to anything I needed. I didn’t know where I was running I just got in my car and started driving, with only $90. to my name. I learned I had to depend on God’s strength instead of mine.

As unpleasant this season was, it was incredibly beneficial. It changed a lot in me, so much that I was not proud of who I used to be. I learned that I really loved my husband and he really loved me and we have to meet in the middle and allow God to help us both. Now every day knowing I need Jesus and His strength to empower me daily.

We all deal with pride in one way or another, it is the oldest sin in the book. If your willing to humble yourself before God and allow Him to expose and attack the pride in your life, repeat this prayer:

Lord, rescue me from the pride in my life and teach me to be humble like you. I bow down before you and acknowledge that you are Lord, and everything I am or do is by your strength alone, not mine.

Search my heart and break it from what breaks yours.

“Search me O’God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous ways in me, and lead me in the everlasting. (Psalm 139:23-25)

I said this prayer because everything I do flows from my heart (Proverbs 4:23), but it is desperately deceitful and sick. Asking God to search your heart is a crucial but dangerous prayer because God will reveal to you things you might not want to hear or like.

He did it to me then and He still does. The Holy Spirit convicts me of more things that I care to know. For example, He revealed to me that my playing bingo every couple days had become an idol. I didn’t believe it at first, but when I began to research idols and more I realized I was putting this game before God and everything else in my life. A idol is anything that takes your attention from God. I know people who are on social media for 6-12 hours a day. Social media has become their idol.

I had been playing bingo 3 or 4 times a week thinking I would win and give me the money I needed. But it took me away from God and my family and was also, causing me to lose more money than I would ever win.

Another things God revealed to me was that I had more worldly friends than friends who believed in God wholeheartedly. I tried Everything I could do to blend in with my worldly friends but I didn’t feel right with some of the things they did. God calls us not to conform to this world and I had to learn to follow Christ in public. Even if I was the odd one out or didn’t fit in.

I have to tell you my life has difficult from birth to the present, but I am far better off following God and going through the trials I go through with him than without Him.

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