What Is Life? What Is Death?

Before I can answer the question what is Death, first we must ask what is life? By medical definition like takes place when one’s brain and heart are functioning. Yet a person can be biologically alive but not alive at all: breathing and walking are the only manifestations of what we call life. The true source of life energy that allows the body to function, is the soul. And the soul because it is connected to God, the giver of life, is immortal. While the manifestations of life may cease upon death, but the soul lives on only in different form.

How can a mortal being being connected to eternal life? By living a material life that fuses body and soul. Therefore by connecting to God. A person who transforms his/her body into a vehicle for love and generosity in a person who nurtures his or her external soul. It is by giving life to others that one becomes truly alive.

A person for who life consists of material gains, death indeed represents the end. It is the time when fleeting achievements come to a halt. But to a person for who life consisted of spiritual gains, life never ends. The soul is fueled by the inexhaustible energy of the good deeds a person performed on earth, and it lives on materially through children and the others who perpetrated his or her spiritual vitality. Just as his descendants are alive they are too.

We often have a hard time distinguishing between a biological life and a spiritual life, or true life. We are distracted by many material trappings of biological life. Once the soul leaves the body, though we can see clearly see how life lives on, how that soul inspires people to do good deeds, to educate and help others, to live Godly and spiritual lives. It is when a righteous person physically departs the earth that he or she begins to exert the most profound influence.

My father was catholic. He had good values. And it was by watching him and learning from him. I always thought it was him who I wanted to live through.

He loved everyone and would help every anyone you asked for it. He was a kind and gentle soul.

This is how his soul lives on this through not only me but my sister as well.

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