Can Christians Have A Demon?

I once thought if you were a Christian there was no way you could have a demons.

A Christian can be oppressed, regressed, digressed, obsessed, suppressed, but never possessed. Many believe that Christians could have a demon oppressed but the demon could not be in the inside a Christian.

“How could Jesus and the Holy Spirit live on the inside of the same body in which demons reside?

Theology -VS- Experience

How are you going to face the problem of being confronted by people you know their a born again, spirit-filled believer who didn’t believe the demons were real inside them?

The fact is that experiences don’t add up to the theology. Is the experience wrong or is the theology wrong?

Christians still need to be ministered to ones that are sick in there bodies. If scripture says we are healed but people are still sick. Scripture has to be interpreted by the fact the we are healed legally by the stripes Jesus took on his back for us, but that does not automatically mean that every believer will never get sick.

I am not only convinced that a Christian can have demons, but I am convinced that there are demons that operate in the realm of theology that would have us endlessly arguing and debating over doctrine instead of meeting the needs of people who are hurting.

By his stripes we are healed. If we were healed, why would you pray for the sick.

Is it possible for believer who is baptized in the Spirit to have a demon?

Yes, the fact is that in spite of arguments that a born again believers cannot be possessed the dismaying fact that born again believers including leaders can have difficulties and problems which can find no solution in normal infirmities or endless conflict between the flesh and the Spirit. It is not secret that many have become discouraged and filled with awful despair.

God didn’t Dave us to have us arguing. He calls us to the ministry so that we help people who are hurting, wounded, and bruised.

I personally have seen demons in people. For many years I was oppressed and I felt a grotesque black figure following me. I also had an experience while I was working as a facilitator of a support group with a mental health agency. I received a call about 11:00 at night. The person told me there was a situation that needed attention and if I could come and help. I was expecting a suicide attempt. But it was a violence situation. I walked into a house where the lady was beating on her husband. The issue was the police had not been trained how to handle a mental health situation such as this. As I began talking to her her partner had gotten away from her. She started coming toward me, grabbing my arm, I actually seen the demon inside her, through her eyes, and the change of her voice tone. It was my first experience with demons. I have to say I was scared. As I spoke to her, in a calm voice, her recognize me from the support group and began it calm down. I knew nothing about casting demons out of anyone. It turned out she was diagnosed with PTSD and we were able to get her into the correct counseling area that expertise was PTSD, I ended up inviting her to church and her demon was cast out. I turned out to a happy ending.

Clearing The Confusion Over “Being Possessed”

One issue that can trip many up when thinking of Christians and demons is the idea of being possessed. Good ole Hollywood has painted a picture of demon possession that, while it is sensational and incorrect, leaves a graphic image in our minds. The word possessed is an unfortunate translation because it suggests ownership, and we know that the devil cannot own a Christian. It is somehow assumed that if you say a Christian can be possessed you are saying that a Christian can be fully owned and controlled by the devil and will manifest Hollywood -style with a spinning head and eyes popping out. They will have no control over themselves at all. That is obviously wrong. In the Bible, there is really is no difference between what has been translated as possessed and being oppressed, distressed, suppressed, obsessed, and so forth. They all simply mean that a person is, to some degree, under the influence of a demon.

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