What Is Important About Pentecost?

The significance of Pentecost.

Pentecost is a very important feast for any Christian Church. This is because it marks the descent of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Blessed Trinity, on the Apostles and Mary, the Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pentecost happens fifty days after easter every year.

If you recall in the Bible that before the Ascension of Christ to heaven, He admonished His disciples to wait patiently for the Holy Spirit, who would come the energize and embolden them and also remind them of all the things Christ had told them while earth. Who is the Holy Spirit? He is known as the giver of life that proceeds from the Father.

As the Bible tells us the disciples were in the upper room worshiping and praying, when something amazing happened. There was a loud noise and the Holy Spirit descended on each of them like tongues of fire they began to speak in different languages to the astonishment of all. Now armed with divine light that enables to know the Father, once timid disciples began to proclaim the gospel with renewed vigor, accompanied by signs and wonders.

Last night I was rereading the scriptures of Pentecost. While yesterday was terribly windy. I was complaining to God how much I hated the wind. He gave me a word it was “When do you hear my spirit in the wind? My answer was never, I never hear your spirit, I am to busy trying to get out of the wind and complaining about it.

I said my prayers and went to sleep, evidently, God was not finished with me. About an hour into sleeping God woke me up asking the same question, “When do you hear my spirit in the wind?” I immediately woke up, got out and I walked outside to list to the wind. I came back in sat down at my table and began writing:

When was the last time your heard the wind of my spirit roar and the fire light up this place? When was the last time you took me at my word and met together expecting of my spirit filling up this place and these lives with God’s Glory and Power?

Lord challenge us with Pentecost. Do we believe that this was once an eternity experience never? to be repeated? That the Holy Spirit was poured out on your followers for a single purpose and ended His work at the instant? If so then maybe that is why the church seems so powerless in this age, helpless when faced with the needs both spiritually and physical, that we see the whole Lord as we meet together and celebrate once again the memory of the first Penticost, mat it is for us as it was for them a moment of empowerment, an awareness of the Glory in this dark world a life changing experience.

May everyone feel the Glory of Pentecost with a life-changing experience.

Happy Pentecost Sunday

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