Ways To Spot A Fake Person

Friends can make life so much better, right? But not all people are the right kinds of friends, that why you need to know how to spot a face nice friend.

Have you ever had friends who go out of their way to help you! Is unnecessarily sweet to you but caught them talking crap behind your back to other people? All you wanted was then to be genuine and straightforward with you but you end up being deceived by them.

Social media had blindfolded us to the point of us being unity distinguished between a fake and a true friend. It’s time to spot your frenemies and let them go.

Here are some ways to spot the nice and from the fake ones:

They Will Accept The “Crazy” You.

The loud in the public or weird dance moves? We all possess some sort of traits that seem odd. But not to that person you call friend/s. They will love you, and not scorn your weirdness.

My odd traits laughing to loud, if something funny happens or is said you know the whole room will here my cackling loud laugh.

2. Despite Their Busy Schedule, They’ll Give You Their Time.

Real friends do that. They will definitely give you a vital place in their life. They will make time for you, no matter what. They’ll join you for coffee or a drink and hang out for a while even after that long tiring day. Not every day, though.

3. They Always Forgive and Forget As Well.

We are only humans. We make mistakes. A good friend will always forgive you, correct you, if need be. A fake one will make sure to bring up your faults one way or another.

4. They Will Stay In Contact With You.

Long-distance friendships are complicated just as long-distance love relationships. A good friend will make sure to text you, call you or skype with you once and a while.

5. Accept Your Choices.

And never criticize them. If they are truly genuine, they will support your choices, your goals and ambitions in life.

5 Ways To Spot A Fake Nice Person.

  • They want to be prioritized.
  • Gossiping is their favorite pass time.
  • They are sarcastic for no reason.
  • They are competitive with you.
  • They will let you down, always.

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