Common Lies Christians Believe

Maybe God isn’t who you think Be is. Maybe He’s much better. We’ve all heard the actual unbiblical lies.

These cliches may seem innocent, but some are harmful to our faith and keep far to many believers stuck in spiritual immaturity. Learn to encounter these lies with truths about God in the Bible to bring encouragement and freedom to our lives.

Here is a list of lies Christians believe:

  • God won’t give me more than I can handle.
  • God gained another Angel.
  • God just want Me to be happy.
  • Follow your heart.
  • God really doesn’t care.
  • Well, ——- will never change.
  • I don’t think God likes me.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • I just sin a little. God will forgive me.

First of all these statements cannot be found in your Bible. Most people who say it, has never sat down and read God’s word, or claim this say they beard it from others who use them.

My son used to say God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. He heard it at a Bible study for youths he was taking. I explained to him why that was not true.

We have a great God who identifies with us. Jesus knew what it was like to:

  • Experience poverty
  • Experience exhaustion
  • Be betrayed
  • Suffer from grief
  • Be tempted
  • Experience suffering
  • Be forsaken by God.

If God let His son go through these things, then why would he take the burden from us.

The truth to move forward with: Sometimes God gives us more than we can handle, but He never gives us more than He can handle through us.

God gained another Angel. No matter how well-intentioned the lie is it’s still a lie. What people need the most on their terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days is the comforting truth of God’s word.

The belief that when we die, we become angels is simply not in the Bible. In fact, in the biblical understanding as humans, we are greater than the angels. God did not send Jesus to die for them.

Truth to move forward with: God is not gaining new angels; rather, He is calling worshippers home.

God just wants us to be happy

The statement that is always the card people play when they want to justify their actions: “I know God just wants me to be happy” This statement is always the excuse people give for ignoring what the scriptures have to say about their particular breach of ethics. It a lie.. Is happiness really the determining factor for everything? Is our happiness the greatest good for the world?

I could never forgive that person

I use to use this statement about my mother. Yes she did horrible things to me. But, I couldn’t be forgiven of my sins until I forgave her.

Jesus said that if you forgive others, God will forgive you; but if you do not forgive others, the God will not forgive you.

The following a book by Shane Pruitt. Showing the lies about forgiveness and how they are lies:

  • Forgiveness means that you have to forget.
  • Forgiveness means you’re condoning the actions of others.
  • Forgiveness means that you have to be a doormat.
  • Forgiveness come from an apology.
  • Forgiveness is based on the actions of others.
  • Forgiveness is easy.

It took me over 20 years before I chose to forgive my mother. And then there were some days when a flood of remembering my childhood I decided I couldn’t forgive her. It was only 5 years ago I started putting flowers on her Burial stone.

Truth to move forward with: If I am going to be a receiver of forgiveness then I must be a giver of forgiveness.

Follow Your Heart

The Bible says a lot about the heart, most of what it says carried a negative ideas. For example, the prophet Jeremiah wrote this: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick: who can understanding? (Jeremiah 27:9). Jeremiah pointed out the fallen condition of our hearts “From within, out of the heart of man, come evil thoughts, sexual immortality, theft, murder, adultery, coveting, wickedness, deceit, envy, slander, pride, foolishness. All of these things come from within, and they defile a person.” Mark 7:21-23 says Basically,the most vile and disgusting acts that a human being can be involved with begin in the heart. If a person was described with these characteristics would you follow him?

Truth to move forward with, don’t follow your heart. Follow Jesus.

God really doesn’t care

1 Peter 5:7 says:

Casting all you cares upon Him, for He cares for you.

You are the reason that God sent Jesus to die on the cross, to pay the price for our sins, so that you could redeemed and adopted by Him as His sons and daughters. He loves you.

  • God will never leave you nor forsake you.
  • You are precious to Him
  • You are the apple of His eye.
  • He knows the very number of hairs on your head.
  • He formed you in your mothers womb.

Truth to move forward with: God has not forgotten you. He remembers you. He is with you.

Well, ——Will never change

I said for a long time if I can become a Christian, anyone can. I felt so strongly against God and any church. If I ever become a Christian kill me. And over 30 years since I’ve been a Christian. I volunteer at a addiction recovery ministry and I have to say some of the people that come through who I never had a chance are Christians. God uses the completely broken people and does amazing things with them. I am living proof of that.

God accepts the way we are, but he won’t leave us where we are. He takes our heart of stone and gives us a heart of flash. He gives us new life and makes us into a new creation.

Truth to move forward with: Nothing is impossible for God. He has the power to change people so they will start living the life He desires for them.

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