What If Really Means To Live Your Life To The Fullest

I’m not the woman who has hit every roller coaster at the theme park. I didn’t go to Yosemite and feel unfulfilled when I didn’t make it to make it to every single site. In fact , I plan to just what I feel like doing in the moment when I’m exploring. I don’t allow my mind to tell me stories about what I should have done. I enjoy what I’m doing in the moment m listen to my energy, and stop when I need to stop.

To live a full life does not mean you went to a party, was loved by all, and died exhausted, but smiling. There is no one-sized fits-all solution for living a full life, just as there’s no regimen that causes a healthy life for everyone. We have caring dispositions, different back grounds, bodies, and desires for our lives. What I think is most important is learning to understand yourself. What affects your energy? Do you need alone time to recharge? Are you constantly out with people because you’re avoiding yourself! Are you always saying no and could use a little yes-ing? Are you always saying yes and could use a little no-ing?

To live life is to be immersed in the human experience.

Living a full life, to me, means that I’m really there for as many moments as possible, that I’m not checked out because I’m burnt out, Thanh I’m not doing things that I should do or whizzing through life checking off all the to-dos. When I’m taking a drive and stop to look at the beautiful art God has given us, see the majestic beauty. I want to stand there in the moment and take in that beauty and really feel myself there, even if that means I don’t get to make it to oceans or waterfalls.

To me, living a full life means that I’m immersed in the human experience.

It means that I don’t repress my emotions because I’m scared of the pain. It means that I let go of the concern of being like others and focus more on me like myself. It means that a give my mind space to see people differently, to see myself differently, and to give everyone benefit of the doubt. It means that I’m willing to say yes when I want to say no because I know that yes will help someone else out. It means that I’m willing to say no if it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do because I know boundaries mean everything when it comes to living a healthy life. It means that I’m willing to put in the hard work when I need to and to walk away when I need to. I means that my life has not been easy, but it’s worth it.

Most people come to this realization too late. They live their lives unconsciously or they live their lives waiting for something to change but they do nothing to change it . On their deathbeds they wuss they had lived the lives their soul was calling for, they wish they had the courage to share their voices, and they wish they had allowed themselves to be happier. We can easily get to our deathbeds by running past all the sites and not really being there. We can stand in a crowd but never be heard. We can smile without really being happy. But we can also choose something different. In this moment right now we can give ourselves lives worth living.

I’m always working on myself, always looking for the lessons I’m learning and the ways in which I can become a better version of myself. I do this with love in my heart and acceptance of who I am.

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