Five Types Of People Who Can Ruin Your Life

Some people aren’t satisfied until they sabotage someone else’s happiness. Be careful who you trust not everyone who smiles at you if your friend.

In your everyday life, you get to deal with many people, and you just can’t trust the person you just met. Be careful in associating with people for your peace and well-being as bad company ruins good morals. A personality disorder is a class of mental disorders, behavioral traits, cognition, and dealing with different people and situations that differ from the cultural norms.

I will be the first person to tell you people can change their minds, and their behaviors for the better. But you still don’t want everyone to know your innermost secrets.

Personality disorders intensify as long as you surround yourself with toxic and venomous interactions. And dealing with a person with a personality disorder with effect your mental health, self-esteem, reputation, confidence, and peace.

I am in the habit of watching people before I speak to them. It may seem weird but you can tell a lot about a person from watching their actions.

Don’t destroy yourself by allowing negative people that add gibberish and debris to your character, reputation, and aspirations”

Micheal Bassey Johnson

90% of the people are what they say they are, but the other 10% are the ones with High Conflict Personalities that can ruin your life. You must know some basic parameters by which you can judge people’s personalities to avoid that 10% for the sake of your self-esteem and confidence.

It’s sometimes hard to escape being around one now and again. Listen to your instincts. I have the opportunity of dealing with one of these people. She is nice to your face but she will stab you in the back every chance she gets. I have to watch my mouth and her every move when I am around her.

Here are five types of people who can ruin your life.


Narcissists are self-obsessed people demanding constant attention and admiration. They harbor a sense of superiority and feel empathy for others.

A person with narcissistic behavior always keeps talking while you on the other side, keep giving and giving. A narcissist does not adopt an attitude of gratitude, rather they prefer to say “I deserve.”

Don’t confuse it with self-esteem or self-confidence. Observe that people with self-esteem forge relationships while narcissists need an entourage.

They have a whole set of rules for others, and they believe in their own lies.

They appear charming but can destroy your mental peace by making you feel less of yourself, by insulting and humiliating you in front of others, and it will impact your life’s positively.

They are master manipulators that don’t believe you are smart enough to discover the depth of their disloyalty.


Sociopaths are also known as antisocial people. They tend to dominate others. If you hang out with some such people you are going to lose your self-esteem and confidence as they humiliate people in public. They always need someone to blame on and put all their energy into deceiving others. They are also called con-artists because their behavioral traits also include pathological lying, stealing and in extreme cases, murder.

Such people figure out weak spots and vulnerabilities and may play words to boost your ego, switch back and forth between charm and treat to achieve their purpose.

They wear a mask of sanity. It’s easier for them to make you crazy than it is for you to expose them, for who they are.

Sociopaths are charming and tend to dominate. They are remorseless with no conscience. They slip masks at times, and you will catch them in lies. If such a sociopath came across you, then you might need an exit plan.


People with histrionic high personality conflict and prone to drama and are attention seekers. They need drama or some tragedy in their daily lives. If they can’t find any drama, they sometimes create it or show a pattern of excessive emotions.

They create problems for themselves and except empathetic behavior from others. You should recognize such people and avoid them for your own sake.

This is the person I cannot get away from, because we have a work situation together. I just avoid having to work in the same area with her.


It lies betwe neurotic and psychotic disorders with common issues of love, fear of abandonment, engulfment and emotional dysregulation.

A relationship with a person with borderline personality disorder possesses some challenges like you will need to deal with their wild mood swings, angry outbursts, and hopelessness. The mental health of the people around you affects your mental health.

The person with BPD may display intense anger, repeated suicide attempts, and physical violation. Such people are good with their words and intense in their emotions. Such intensity seems positive at the beginning.

Keep in mind that extreme charm, attention, and love are signs of potential trouble.


People with paranoid personality disorder mostly show distrust and suspicion. They feel insecure and may try to behave aggressively or will preemptively attack whom they fear.

The remainder old grudges and past offenses. They doubt commitment, loyalty, and constantly feel they are being betrayed by their loved ones. They feel like people are trying to harm and threaten them. Even a normal person sometimes gets paranoid, thinking that no one values them or having difficulty relaxing.

Paranoid personalities worry that their partner is unfaithful without their learner having done anything to make them suspicious.

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