Mini Rules That Changed My Life

Have you ever thought about how many choices you make in a single day?

Here are some mini rules I follow every day. And it’s changed my life drastically.

  • Learn From One Teacher At A Time.

There are so many people out there telling us to do this, don’t do, that. Make a rule that you only learn from one teacher at a time. Whether it be someone to desire to be like, a family member or someone at church, some one at work.

It can be very overwhelming if you listen to many voices at once. You’ll end up not going which direction to go.

Regulate yourself, if it’s buying a book, or take a course. Or just picking someone to pick their brain. Go though the entire book, or course and then implement it all.

I chose the pastor at my church. If I need to talk or learn from him, he always is there to here me out, and I know he will tell me the truth.

He has taught me so much not only about God, but everything else.

Once you’re finished learning it all and implementing what you know. Then and only then move on. It saves a ton of money and reduces the feeling of being overwhelmed. I do this in my life and I love it.

  • Set One Goal At A Time

Instead of setting five goals at a time, just try setting one big goal. Going all-in on one goal and focus every ounce of your energy on something.

I thoroughly enjoy helping Veterans and active duty soldiers. I joined a Veteran Organization that was not profit. When I started out I was Legislative Chairman, I knew all the news and government programs that were put in place to help veterans and their families. After a few years of learning everything there was to know about that. I them moved on to being a Chaplin, taking care of the spiritual part for the Veterans, after about a year of the position, which was a task during the past covid we’ve all had to deal with. Just recently I’ve taken on being Secretary.

It leads to crazy good results and is far more motivating. Next time you want something, immense yourself in it. Don’t just dabble in a bunch of areas. Get committed.

  • No emails or Phone calls before a certain time/ No e-mails or phone calls after a certain time

This has helped me tremendously. While most of us communicate for work by e-mail or phone calls. This should apply to your days on as well as days off. For some the mornings are the busiest times of the day. Read and send e-mails later in the day so work doesn’t take over your day.

  • Reduce Screen Time (including TV)

Put a rule in your life that you don’t have screens open during certain times of the day. Example: no screens after 8 P.M, including TV, computer, and phone. You can feel pretty bad after to much social media, so limiting screen time is a great way to be present instead of escaping through someone else’s life.

  • Schedule At Least 15 minutes Of Alone Time Every Day

Depending on how much is going on in your life, quiet time every day might seem impossible. But, make sure you give yourself at least this much time alone where you can be by yourself.

Every night I take 45 minutes to myself. I long quiet bath with some soothing music and a glass of wine. It calms me down after a long hard day, and gets me ready for a peaceful nights sleep.

  • Journal For 5 Minutes A Day

Writing is one of the best ways to organize your thought. When anxiousness enters your life, write down what your thinking for a couple of minutes. The more you can write in a journal the more clarity you’ll have. The more clarity you have to solve the issues that overwhelm you.

  • Set A Baseline In Your Life

If it often feels like you don’t have times to do the things you want to do, figure out the bare minimum you can get away with. Set a exercise baseline, exercising can help you get more energy and help you keep on track with less effort.

  • Separate The Fake from the Facts with it comes to your thoughts

We tend to make circumstances mean so much more than they actually are. When something happens you don’t like separate out the facts from what’s making your life go crazy, not the facts themselves. Start watching your mind and how you think. Are You making your life crazier that it is? When you have a clear mind, you’ll begin to have a clear life.

  • Choose Your Relationships Intentionally

Many of us spread ourselves to thin. Instead of spending .230 seconds with 15,000 people, try spending more time with fewer people. Remember your life is only as good as the quality relationships you keep.

  • Ask Yourself These Two Questions

When you’re making tough choices and deciding what to do in a certain situation, ask yourself. What would my future self be like in 5 years? What is the end goal I want from this?

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