You Cannot Buy What Is Sold Old

I was reading a e-mail I received yesterday. That I haven’t been about to stop thinking about.

The e-mail was from a one Jonathan Cahn.

The Subject was “You Can’t buy what’s sold out.”

Have you ever been set on buying a certain thing but, when you finally have the time or money to get it? There is a Sorry we’re sold out message. A very profound lesson is learned by this; you can’t but what’s sold out.

Those who are corrupt try to corrupt others by buying them up. Spiritually, the enemy is trying to buy you out with seduction, lust, money, success, materialism, comfort, all sorts of things. There is a saying that holds true in the world. Everyone can be bought. You just have to find their price. Everyone can be bought. But, not if you’re sold out.

There’s only one type of person who cannot be bought by all the money or love and comfort in this world; only one kind person who cannot be bought by the enemy. That’s the one who is sold out to the one who gave His life to purchase you. And when the enemy comes looking to buy you out, you can say ‘Sorry I’m all sold out.

Where is the enemy keeping you distracted from being sold out to the Lord? The one who loved you, died for you, before you were born.

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