Who Are We?

If we don’t acknowledge all the forces that drive us, including the soul, we will never under ourselves.

If we were to list everything we do in a usual day, we would come up with an inventory of many seemingly disparate items. From our morning regimen through your work day through retiring at night, our activities would add up to around 100 to 159 items. Now when we try to create a thread that connects these tasks. Here and there we may identify some continuity, but mostly we’d find separate, and disconnected particles.

Why is this a problem? Who cares if our day consists of disjointed pieces? Imagine that all of these fragments accumulate day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Our lives ends up being filled with millions of fragments. Can you be at piece with a fragmented life?

What then is the solution? How do we build integrated lives, a seamless flow of diverse activities connected to one another? The way to do that us to see your life as a narrative-one running story compromised of many different chapters. The easiest way to do this is to look backward: Examine the events of your past, strong them together, and you begin to discover how they have led you to your present life. By connecting the dots of your past, you will come to recognize the reason and purpose of your experiences, how they are part of a larger choreography leading you forwarding life to the person you are today. You will find a web of interconnection, which is not visible to the naked eye looking at the here and now. You might even see a few miracles.

Every detail of your life is part of your personal narrative- your journey. But, you won’t be able to see the continuity of your story if you only look at life as survival. You must get out of the rat race- not quite your job, but just give yourself a short time every day to reflect. You need to allow yourself to transcend the minutiae that cutters your days. You have to go below the surface and think, Why was I put here? What was my purpose? Why was I blessed with gifts (something not everyone can do). This kind of thinking will allow you to look back at your life through the eyes of your soul. You will be able to connect the dots- how each things that happened to you or that you initiated has contributed to your mission in this world.

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