Ways To Grow Closer To God When You Feel Far Away.

For years I felt really close to God. I was growing in my faith, talking and walking with God, and even though things weren’t perfect, life was going well. Then suddenly I felt stuck in a rut, I felt like I wasn’t growing in my faith and was becoming distant from God. It wasn’t until I tried these steps below that I noticed a positive change in my faith in my spiritual walk. Here are 3 simple steps to deepen your relationships with God no matter how far away from Him you feel.

1. Reach Out

It can be easy to become overwhelmed by life, but instead of holding everything in reach out for help. If you don’t feel God in your life as you used to. Don’t be afraid to come to Him. God knows our deepest thoughts and the desires of our hearts. No matter how long as it’s been since you’ve truly felt God’s presence; please know that calling out to Him is the solution. God doesn’t ever push us away. He loves us, He pursues us, and He wants us to grow in our relationship with Him. Admitting that we need God’s help is not a sign of weakness; instead, it’s expressing a desire to know God better.

2. Limit Distractions

Life is full of so many distractions and unforgivable there are many things that can hinder our walk with God. The hero’s of the Bible weren’t strong on their own power, but the Bible says that they walked with God. They had temptations and weaknesses of their own, but their desire to do God’s will had a greater hold of them. Sometimes in order to walk with God, we need to walk away from the things that are driving us away from Him.

If anything in your life has taken precedence to spending time with God, consider putting it on the back burner for awhile. When social media, computer games, entertainment or future plans take precedence, it can be nearly impossible or find room for God. Consider limiting the amount of time you spend on these activities and use that time to grow closer to God.

3. Be Intentional

Set aside time where you can be alone with God in a place with few distractions. Waking up 1/2 hour earlier to read the Bible and pray might be just the thing to help you strengthen your relationship with God. Or maybe you could listen to an audio Bible or the radio while preparing dinner. God will meet you where you are and since the Holy Spirit dwells within us, we can spend time with God in a variety of places.

When we seek God with all of our hearts we draw near to Him, we will feel His presence once again.

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