The Power Of Truth

One of the most powerful weapons we have against the enemy is our words. No matter what the circumstances are in our lives, we Always have the choice to either speak life or death over our situation. When Satan tries to tell us lies, we have to fight back with the truth. When you believe the lie, you empower the liar. Speaking truth over our lives is so important, because we do not want to give satan a foothold in our lives.

In this post I want to highlight how to speak truth over your life.

Before you can start speaking the truth over ourselves . We have to find the root of the lie. But, maybe we don’t even realize the lies you are believing. If your not sure what lies you are specifically holding onto, start asking yourself some general questions to help you identify the lies. Sometimes a lie can be as simple as “Everyone thinks your ugly,” so you start telling yourself “I am ugly nobody even wants to be around me.” The lie someone said about you has opened that door to you believing you are ugly. The door opened to let Satan sneak in to start destroying your life.

Example: During my childhood I was told I was ugly among other things. I was told this lie over and over until I started believing it. When I started believing it opened a door to Satan to enter my life, and he nearly destroyed my life, because of those lies. It wasn’t until I started believing I was wonderfully and beautifully made that I was able to start pushing out all of the hate I had for myself and everyone else around me that things started going positive for me.

So whatever that lie you are believing, identify it so you can combat it.

Know The Truth

You can’t speak the truth over your situation if you don’t know the truth. Take the time to dig into the Bible and find out what God says. If you are struggling with finances, not feeling loved, knowing your worth, pain, find out what God says.

Many people think the Bible is just a old folk story or fairy tale. But truth be told is it’s a instruction book on how to live a wonderful life. I am proof my situation would have changed until I started reading this instruction manual.

Write And Memorize Truth

This step is key. When Satan comes to attack you with lies, you want to be prepared. Write God’s truth down somewhere. When I first started doing this, I had index cards all over my house, that way if Satan started with his lies, I could speak truth right back at him. Do whatever you have to do to have these weapons constantly at your disposal.

Speak Your Truth Out Loud

The words, we declare over our lives are powerful. Something happens when words are audibly spoken. When you start to feel the enemy whisper lies get out your truth statements. No only does speaking truth tell the enemy to back off, speaking truth is a act of faith. The best time to speak truth over your life is when you are struggling to believe it.

Repeat It Until You Believe It

Aligning your heart with God’s truth is a daily process, but I promise you if you keep practicing this method you will start seeing changes in your life.

You may feel silly speaking it out loud for the first few times. But each time you do it you are able to believe it more each time. Remember when you stop believing the lie and start believing the truth you are taking away the power of the lie from the enemy.

Speaking truth is an incredibly powerful tool.

I did something when I was a new Christian, that some people told me was wrong. And i kind of feel silly even talking about it. But here it goes. I met a lady, who was rude and was always saying nasty things to people. I didn’t have the option of staying away from her. So, every time I seen her I would quote Bible scripture to her when she would speak lies about people. There was talking to this person, she was full of hate and was obnoxious about it.

After about a month of doing this. She began talking politely to people. Her husband actually told me she was better at home than she used to be, not so bossy. And she had actually started reading God’s word. He wanted to thank me.

This was the last thing I expected I was expecting her to just start ignoring me. After that she stopped being rude and obnoxious. People could actually tolerate being around her. Later I was able to visit her and her husband on occasion. They were completely different people.

Start speaking truth, to yourself to others and it will make the enemy flee.

James 4:7 says submit yourselves, to God. Resist Satan and he will flee from you.

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