Truths That Put Your Life Into Perspective

Stop waiting for life to be kinder, for the storms to calm, for your big break to magically appear, for your white knight to come around the corner or a fair maiden to come and fulfill your every desire. Stop betraying yourself. Stop betraying your dreams.

The Seasons Will Always Change.

Whatever it is that’s keeping you up at night, tossing, turning, sweating, or medicating, will eventually pass. You might be in a storm, but even seemingly endless storms do not last forever. A rainbow will always appear after the rain. The sun will shine again, spring always follows winter. Inevitably the season is going to change. Adaptability is what sets the warriors apart from the defeated.

Life is a cycle of never-ending chances, and you must process the ability to adapt to those changes. Do not be frightened of them. Do not cling to whatever season you are in, and do not try to return to a season of yesterday. Some seasons are only planting seeds and some are for the harvest. So taste the fruit and drink the drink of each. Whether bitter or sweet it, too shall pass.

Don’t Be So Dramatic; Your Problems Are Probably Not So Tragic.

I realize there are exceptions to this, however I once heard that if people could dump all their problems out on the street for trade, the majority people would want their own problems back. Perhaps you have a friend you talk to every day for the purpose of downloading your problems on. The truth is all of us have problems. Perhaps they simply don’t choose to download their problems on you. Everyone is faced with obstacles, including the girl or guy you are absolutely certain has it all. So, if your problems are a matter of consequences of your own mistakes, don’t be so dramatic. You are not a victim of a hex, but perhaps hexing yourself with your own mindset. The truth is, you are equipped to handle the hand you’ve been dealt. So, dust off your knees and start believing in your resiliency.

One Day, If You Live Long Enough, You Will Eat Your Lunch Alone.

You know that quiet old man you saw eating alone yesterday? He is so much more than a quiet old man eating alone. Perhaps he is a boy of 16 who participated in his baseball team winning a state championship. Perhaps he is a man of 22 who returned from the war only to find himself facing the memories of being shot at or bombs going off and killing his friend right in front of him. Perhaps he lives that nightmare over and over every day. Perhaps he is a of 30, who as awed at witnessing his first child being born, only to have his child die from cancer at age 3. He may be sitting alone eating with calloused hands, bad knees and an arched back, but he is a see of stories. He is a living, breathing textbook of history with the energy of thousands yesterdays still alive and well. So be patient and walk behind him. Silently congratulate him for having lived so long on the earth for such a length of time.

You Are Going To Die.

Someday someone will plan your funeral. They will select the songs that are played, lovingly selecting the most appropriate ways to commemorate your life. They are going to read through journals, go through your stuff, empty your wallet. Someday someone is going to replay your voicemails and long for just one more laugh or embrace you.

There are as many as seven billion people inhabiting the earth, however there have been approximately 106 billion people that have been born and died. That is 106 billion expiration dates with 106 billion tales, some tragic and some triumphant. That’s a lot of tears and final breaths.

Someday your life will contain an expiration date. All that you will be remembered for will be contained within it and your birthdate. Someday your life will be a collection of stories. Write them wisely. Write them in color. Write them so that the may bless others.

You’re Not Dead Yet, Though.

Stop waiting for life to be kinder, for the storms to calm, for your big break to magically appear, for your knight in shining armor to come or for a fair maiden to come and fulfill your every desire. Stop growing bruises. Stop being offended by everything . Stop seeing yourself as a victim. Stop wallowing on the floor, crying out and waiting for the clouds to divide The rain down with answers. Wake up, get up and live.

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