Goals To Grow

Goals without plans to achieve them are simply ideas. In order to achieve a goal, we have to change our habits and patterns and regularly and chick in on our progress. We need to be working towards your goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, but it is also a good to take a little more extended time every 3 months for a self-check.

Here are some steps to get going:

Step 1- Pray and still your heart. When we are staying still while praying we are more apt to hear God’s voice. (James 1:5)

Step 2- Set your mindset as one of honesty with yourself. (Romans 12:2)

Step 3- Be a does and build upon a firm foundation by remaining intentional with your goals and asking yourself a few questions that dig into your success and challenges. (Matthew 7:24-25)

Ask yourself have I applied my new year (2021) goals to my daily life. Example: Am I actually working toward these goals or were they just an idea I laid aside?

What changes do I need to make,nor continue to make, over the next 90 days? If you want something new to happen you have to Do something different.

Am I happy with the transformation I am seeing? If you are happy-keep pressing forward. If you aren’t happy, what do I need to do to feel more satisfied?

How do I feel about the areas of my life I set my goals-Spiritual, financial, joy etc… and do I feel aligned and balanced?

Did I keep my priority areas a priority?

Did I leave my non-priority items on the side lines?

Have I surrounded myself with a good team to encourage me in my journey? Am I growing and are they growing with me?

What are my next steps of application or change towards each of my goals in the next 90 days?

1- Spiritual:

2. Physical:

3. Financial:

4. Joy:

5. Other:

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