My Biggest Problem?

I notice everything, my biggest Problem is that I notice everything. Maybe you can relate?

Perhaps you, too, can relate?

Perhaps you, too overthink people’s facial expressions. You notice the slightest frown or look of confusion and you immediately start analyzing what toy said and did. You wonder, am I boring them? Did I offend them?

Or maybe there’s no question. Maybe your do perceptive that you can read people’s micro expressions like a children’s book.

A lot of people say that being observant is one of an introvert’s best qualities. I agree, but I also think it can be very painful, especially if you’re a sensitive introvert who picks up on people’s emotions, mood, and unspoken thoughts.

I definitely count myself in this group. But there’s a catch.

I see emotions as bight technicolor. I see people’s emotions as clearly as if the were painted bright colors or dull colors.

If you are the same way, you know that this can be an amazing gift. But if we’re not careful, it’s also a maddening source of overthinking.

It’s all to easy to not only notice people’s moods and emotions, but take res for them.

How many times have you picked up on someone’s sadness or anger and stressed yourself out wondering if it was something you did? Or if there’s something you could’ve done to make it better.

Constant Overthinking

The anthem of the observant and overthinking introvert is “shoulda coulda woulda.”

And it sucks.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve learned to stop overthinking other people’s reactions. When I catch myself starting to overanalyze. I dip into my tool kit of mental reframed.

I’ve had to train my brain to choose more constructive thoughts.

If I were compare my mind to a puppy, that’s at the stage where it’s stopped chewing on everything in sight and can be trusted to play happily on its own.

I have a difficult time, overthinking everything when I’m tired or around a group. It’s like every ones emotions are bombarding me at once, and I cannot engage in a conversation while my head is full. I know everyone thinks I’m quiet because I’m struggling, with words, but I’m quiet because everyone’s emotions are overwhelming.

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