Why Are You So Serious?

Do people always ask you this annoying question: Why are you so serious? You’re not the only one. Why are you so quiet? This is probably the question we introverts get asked all the most.

A lot of the time people are just misunderstanding my resting b-tch face. Other times, they are picking up on our discomfort in a situation that doesn’t feel natural to us.

Even though it’s an annoying question that only serves to make us uncomfortable and even through it’s totally rude to ask others this question in that condescending way they do.

It is a worthwhile question to ask ourselves. It’s something I started asking myself this year when the universe gave me such a punch in the face. I realized that I was taking myself too seriously. I’d taken this whole grown up thing too far.

It’s was time to reclaim my childhood senses of play and wonder. Your inner child is probably itching to come out.

I have a hard time slipping out of serious overthinking. But I am trying to make some headway. I try to take a more playful approach to everything I do, including work, exercise, friendships, and my hobbies.

When I was a child I had to try and be a perfectionist all the time. Or I would make my mother angry. I hate working out on a treadmill all the time it’s boring to me, but I can dance around the house because it’s more fun.

I go outside and get my thought juices working through looking a things in nature.

Taking life to seriously is boring and I’m sure that we weren’t put here to be boring service people. We were here to be happy and enjoy life, but we must remember to never cross the line and allow Satan to enter in.

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