How To Think Outside The Box?

Unless you have been living in a cave away from civilization for decades, you have no doubt heard the phrase “think outside the box.”

It could have been a teacher saying it to you in a classroom or your boss instructing you to do so in a meeting.

You may have heard it from your parents as they encouraged you to find a solution to one of life’s many problems.

This phrase can either drive you close to madness or unleash creativity during innovation you never realized existed within you.

In an age where artificial intelligence and technology seem to be taking over more of our daily lives, experiences have shown that humans still have an innate ability to put our creative talents to work.

We can do so in ways that modern machines cannot and may not be able to do for generations to come.

If you’re striving to learn how to think outside the box in your personal and perhaps even your professional life, I’ve got some suggestions you may want to consider.

To understand what thinking outside the box means, it ultimately comes down to your ability todo away with the current way to think and seek out fresh perspectives.

For example, as you age, you naturally become a creature of habit, both with your behavior and your thinking.

As a result, you become more and more comfortable with familiar routines, making it more difficult and inconvenient to put aside your long-held beliefs about various topics.

Rather the face the risk of failure or rejection we tend to cling to our beliefs much like Linus did with his security blanket.

Ultimately limiting ourselves and keeping ourselves from reaching our full potential.

The end result is never giving our minds the opportunity to try and think of new ways to do things.

We trap ourselves and our thinking and have a hard time thinking differently.

When you are thinking differently that you have done throughout your life, you will quickly find it is far more difficult than you expected.

As to why this happens, I think there are many factors at work.

Having a willingness to think differently means taking a chance on being different from family, friends, and co-workers.

For many of us, this is a fate worse than death, since we risk alienating those who are closest to us.

Instead we find it much easier and emotionally soothing to be a follower, rather than a leader.

Along with this, some find that thinking outside the box is a concept that people simply find too foreign to understand.

Much like they would study a foreign language, doing so diligently will ultimately result in being able to unleash new and innovative ways of thinking.

According to some experts you only need to look at children to see how well this concept can work.

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