What You Need To Know About Temptation

Is it possible to be tempted and not realize it? Is it possible to sin without being aware? What does it mean to be tempted?

We experience temptation when a though comes to our mind and you are aware that to act according to that impulse would be wrong. You come to a moment of decision; will you choose to sin here, or will you choose to overcome sin? Everyone is tempted when they are drawn away by their own desires and enticed. (James 1:14) A temptation is always conscious. We are aware that to give in to this thought would be to sin; to do what we know to be wrong. And it’s important to remember that you can’t be tempted without the thought first coming into your mind. That is the temptation, not sin we have committed.

How To Respond To Temptation

It has to do with your attitude: What do you want more? Eternal life with Jesus, or the passing pleasure of Sin? That always has to be in your mind. Go to God humbly and pray, “God give me strength to stand here and to not give in. I am weak, but you are strong! Give me grace to overcome.” You can not overcome anything without power fromHim; without the power of the Holy Spirit. You need His grace to be victorious. And then of course He gives you that power. “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.” (2: Chronicles 16:9) You can’t stop a temptation from coming in to your thoughts, but you can disagree with it and stop it from coming in to and affecting your Spirit.

Even when a temptation lasts for a long time. When there is something I you that fights for life, and wants the opposite of God’s will. That is your flesh trying to assert itself. It can feel like the temptation is going on and on and on, but it is important to understand that as long as you are consciously saying, “No! I will not do this thang I am tempted to . I will not get angry, I will not be envious, I will not allow impure thoughts” then you are not sinning. No matter how long the temptation lasts.

Living In Victory!

Then you are living in victory! It’s Avery conscious fight. But then sin will die,and when it’s dead, it is dead. If another temptation comes up, it’s something new you’re fighting against. You have to understand that. It’s not that old thing coming back from the dead, it’s a new enemy, it’s a new battle, and once again, you are able to resist it until it is dead.

You can never take a moment to think, “Well should I do it or shouldn’t I? How fare can I go? Is it really so wrong?” etc. Thoughts like that prove that you are not serious about overcoming, and sooner or later you will give in to the sin. It’s allowing Satan to get in your ear. Without delay you must say “Get behind me Satan!” And then he has to disappear.” “For it is written” And then you throw Gods Word at him, just as Jesus showed us. Satan has no power against the Word of God. (Matthew 4:4-10)

You can live in this victory every day, in every situation, and live a completely pure life.

What If I Only Realize Something Was Din After I’ve Done It?

You will always know when you are being tempted. You can not be tempted without knowing you are being tempted. However, some of your deeds, words, and thoughts may be against God’s will. You can sin without being aware of it at the time; that’s what the Apostle Paul calls “deeds of the body.”But then you can’t say that you have been tempted, because you weren’t aware that sin was going to come out. Then there is no condemnation for that; you don’t need to feel guilty or discouraged for those actions. (Romans 7:25; Romans 8:1) However, that doesn’t mean we don’t do anything about it.

In Romans 7:15-25 it is written about the two “I.” One “1” is my flesh and the other “I” is my spirit, or my decision to serve God.

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