Ways To Listen To Your Intuition

Life will bring us to many cross roads.

Sometimes, our first instinct will be to seek external guidance to lead us the “right” way. Often, we grasp desperately for someone else to simplify our decisions for us.

If you learn to turn inwards, you’ll discover, if you haven’t already, that you’ve possessed a powerful guidance system with in you all along.

We are all blessed with an intuitive guidance system and the more we learn to listen to it and use it, the more confident and tactful we will become at reassuring ourselves as we dance with the unraveling of our journeys.

So intuition… what exactly is it and how do I get one?

Thankfully, we all come equipped with one. Many of us may already have a strong connection with it, while many of us are unaware that we have within us an inner wisdom that is always on our side.

Your intuition is the divine intelligence that continuously guides you in realizing and actualizing your goals. It is the immediate knowledge of exactly what to do and can gracefully guide you in all of your choices throughout your life.

Divine Wisdom. Internal Knowledge. Guiding Force. Higher Self.

Delve into these thoughts and considerations to know your own inner wisdom and begin to better trust yourself and your direction today.

Trust Your Gut

We all know the sensation of when something doesn’t feel right. When our circumstances are just wrong, it’s common to feel a strong urge or twisting of our gut.

This is often the most obvious if not first telltale sign that our intuition is tugging at the sleeve of our attention.

We all possess great emotional intelligence. Our feelings and emotional reactions are often communicating to us how to approach or interact with any given situation.

It can sometimes be very easy to ignore your feelings and push them away.

We might push those gut feelings aside and take what might seem like the easier option because we’re afraid of failure, changing direction, and saying no.

If something doesn’t feel good, right or just simply off, perhaps your gut is telling you it’s time for a change.

Be honest with yourself and acknowledge those unsettling feelings; they are there to guide and support you.

Listen To Them

Go with your gut. Follow the hunches until your situation feels right again.

When you do, you at find your emotional body reacting with happiness, ease and confidence, even if the choice doesn’t seem rational.

Trust your emotional compass. How you feel is your greatest indicator of whether your choices are in alignment with your intuitive wisdom or not.

Follow Energy Shifts

Sometimes we can wrestle with the question of whether we made the right choice or not, lingering and obsessing over it well after we took action.

One way to measure whether you’ve acted in accordance to your intrinsic knowledge or not is to tune into your energy levels.

Changes are you’ve experienced the feeling of having a weight lifted from your shoulders immediately after making a long-awaited decision. Maybe you sensed a return of joy or energy, charisma and physical stamina that you had felt severed from for some time.

Tune To Your Body

Is a recurring situation in your life triggering a tight feeling in your chest? Or maybe there’s a circumstance that sparks that sinking churning feeling in your stomach.

If your reality isn’t paralleled to your innermost longings, your intuition can use your physical body as a source to bring your attention to what desperately wants to be seen.

Many of us have a tendency to ignore our internal guidance system, the repressed messages will develop into more severe symptoms from anxiety and depression, fatigue, migraines, nausea and other physical ailments.

If We are not willing to open ourselves to recurring to recurring thoughts, strong internal pulls and persistent callings, our intuition will use physical signs to communicate that we are not living in integrity with the life we know we want and deserve.

What are you experiencing in your body? And what is it trying to communicate to you? What if any, repressed messages, urges and needs are underlying the physical discomfort you may be experiencing in your life?

Open yourself to positive, curios inquiry with the knowing that you intuitively hold the knowledge to be your own healer and transform your life.

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