Find Yourself When You’re Feeling Lost

The thing about life is it pushes you until you break just to see if you can put yourself together again.

Life is a roller coaster of events that unveil simultaneously sometimes badges of activities within our control but other times it give us unpredictable activities.

There are hard, good, bad, easy, and blunt times all coated with intriguing adventures which must be adequately dwell with in order to take the stride.

Sometimes the anchor of survival is heavy and in the process of keeping your armor of living we can be hurt.

Sometimes in the low times we question our worth to our value, when the weight of pressure, responsibility can take a hold and turn the tables around causing us to lose ourselves.

Sadly, we start by making a comprise of our value because of fear or reluctance. For example not pursuing the career you wanted, not embarking on a certain journey, or taking certain opportunities.

I was caught in this years ago. I started going to college and was taking Criminal Justice Classes. I received my first degree but, because I wasn’t sure of myself and didn’t want to leave my children for a year, I gave up on the dream of my life. I still regret not finishing 20 years.

I couldn’t passionately finish school because I felt unworthy and not valuable.

I had to focus raising my children and I didn’t find myself until after my children were raised and out of the house.

I had so much baggage tucked inside me, that needed to be dropped. I have to accept the course and walk in that path and that single act caused a hate-love compromise on my journey.

Our encounter with obstacles or the act of losing ourselves is a element of survival.

All the that situations made me lose myself brought forth the rebirth of my life and re-positioned my life. I’m not saying we should lose ourselves but there are ways to connect the dots of challenges into an identity base.

There are ways we can compromise our own identity and lose ourselves with intentions that is why we have to carefully guide the choices we make because each and every choice we make builds and yield into reality.

Realization hits us hard with the firm question of who we are and what we’ve become.

We have to be conscious of the decisions make, moments that can rob us of ourselves.

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