Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

So often we take situations at face value and don’t recognize that they are not what they appear. It is so important anytime you’re dealing with other people’s assumptions lead you to weird places sometimes.

The point is that sometimes God can take what you think is a run of the mill situation and show you thatHe had so much more in store.

During my lifetime I have experienced situations like this. When I thought I was worthless and meant nothing to anyone. God used me to help many people along the way, using my broken life as a bridge for someone else.

The most critical step is listening not just to the words but to the story behind the words. The background is where we learn about other people so we can truly understand where they are coming from.

There is truth in the quote “Don’t Judge My Choices Without Understanding My Reasons.”

Usually when I share the testimony of my life, people are shocked by the pain I’ve been through, and how I am who I am today. I’ve been called weird and a loner a lot of times.

I am definitely not who I seem to be.

Have you ever been absolutely certain of something only to find out that it was something else altogether? I suspect it happens more regularly than we like to admit. And the worse times to experience these certain uncertainties are when they relate to the words and actions together.

For example:

Out of simple curiosity, our partner asks us why we are late getting home and we are sure that they don’t trust us.

The cashier at the grocery store says we owe more that we expect and we’re sure she is wrong even though we really just misread the label on the shelf.

You see someone in the market and they are acting different and you’re sure something is wrong with them, by the way there acting. But you don’t know what kind of life experiences they have had to live.

The are Varying thing that happen in life and we to often misdiagnose them. Sometimes our misdiagnosis is due to our own experiences or prejudice. Other times it’s simply because we aren’t skilled in analyzing the situation correctly. In other words, we never had adequate training in life’s mechanics.

Interactions can be difficult and can often we misread the process unless we are willing to get our hands dirty and break down the communication machine.

We need to take the time to listen-not just listening to the words but the story behind the words. The backstory is where we learn about other people so we truly understand where they are coming from.

We need to not just go by one piece of the story, we need to pay close attention to the clues around us. Then we can understand the whole story.

Things in life are not always what they seem to be. People are not always what they seem to be. And it’s usually a great relief to find out that our situation doesn’t require a complete overhaul after all. Instead we just need to listen a bit more carefully.

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