You Will Be Too Much For Some People. Those Aren’t Your People

We are all looking for our tribe. One of the most fundamental human needs is the need to belong. To experiencing being part of a group, to feel loved and be accepted by others. We are humanely wired for the experience. It’s been said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. That’s probably true. Look around you.

What if I told you diversity creates healthy tribes? Why would we want to seek more of the same? Isn’t it the richness, the ice cream flavors that make our world sing so beautifully. When we look around, our tribe holds such a diverse range of qualities. In fact, we hold all those qualities within us and at times they are played out in different ways.

When you stand with your tribe, you are surrounded by magic. The fact that you can turn up your weirdness, you can intensify your quirkiness and you can magnify greatness as trust and love are the glue.

I like to think I belong to 2 tribes and I have different experiences with each.

I belong to a church tribe, where I feel comfortable blessed. I can share my life’s experiences and help people have a better understanding of who I am. My Auxiliary group I belong in several ways. I can say a prayer and am able to lift others up when their down. I am the secretary take care of meetings and keep track of what happens during meetings. And then I run the snow-cone machine when there is a charity event. I have the blessings of meeting new people from around the world.

If you feel tribe-less, rest assured in the knowledge that your tribe is out there waiting for you. It’s your time.

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