Don’t Be Afraid Of Yourself.

It happens all too often, people are afraid of themselves or being themselves. I’ve seen too many people put on false faces because they were afraid of either being judged or treated differently based on who they may really be.

Sadly, I lived this way for far too long. Because of my experiences through-out my life. I was afraid of showing my true self.

I am not one to judge or treat anyone for being somebody they are not, I’ve been through hell and back in my life. I’ve been that person and I know how it feels. I’ve tried to be someone else too. The thing is, being yourself is only natural and trying to be anything else isn’t. I believe people can change. I changed so I feel other people can do it too, if they try. People can change for a variety of reasons. However the message I want to convey is not to be afraid of just being yourself.

Something to accept, regardless of whoever you are, is that at some point throughout your life you will get judged. It might be family or even a complete stranger, but know that literally everyone else around you also get judged by someone.

I won’t deny just last week I judged a person for her beliefs, and what she was wearing. We get judged by who our friends are, and a variety of other things. I immediately realize when I judge someone because, I’m sure people judge me the same way.

Being yourself isn’t always going to be easy. I get that. Sometimes being yourself makes it harder to either make friends or get to know other people. But you won’t truly find happiness and peace until you stop caring about what others think. Stop worrying about what others think about you, their opinion does not matter. Start being the you that is you.

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