Mind Over Matter: The Most Important Factor Of Humanity

“Thinking: The Talking Of The Soul With Itself.” Plato

Humans are cognitive beings. Everything we do, and everything we feel originates in our mind as thoughts. The thoughts for perspectives and influence our decisions. Decisions then lead us to or prevent us from action. The pattern of thoughts we choose to entertain and focus on, the shape and quality of our lives. Given the power and importance of the mind, why are preventable mental health measures not a major point of focus in culture? Throughout our lifetimes, we experience an infinite amount of physical and emotional states including love, loss, pain, pleasure, addiction, depression, violence, insecurity, etc. Based on these experiences, we learn he to suppress, cope, express, and/or share our emotions with others the best way we know how. Developing the skill set to learn how to focus and be aware of how we process or interpret information and respond accordingly, empowers us to have control over our emotional states instead of being led by them. Better communication within the self will improve how we communicate with each other.

Mental and emotional health through self-awareness are essential to living the most successful, fulfilling life. American culture had taken strides to promote physical health with the hope of preventing life threatening diseases and conditions. The same preventive measures need to be taken with mental health.

There are empowering materials that promote mental and emotional awareness, usually labeled “self-help,” that have stereotypically categorized those who see knowledge in this area as “weak” individuals.

Organized Religions is another Avenue with empowering information available. Because you basically have a do’s and don’t list you have to live by. And you live those do’s and dont’s to a tee. Some religions won’t allow you do drink coffee or carbonated drinks. But, not necessarily for those who choose to be nondenominational.

I know a family that their religion doesn’t approve of drinking coffee and refuse to help them in anyway because of this.

Mental health should take precedence over the physical. Until one’s head is in the right place, the body never can be.

A healthy self-esteem requires self- awareness. Self-awareness helps us understand the meanings we associate to actions and events in the world.

Example: Two of my cousin as well as I were diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. We were all told the prognosis was death. One cousin passed away, the other so sure he was going to die soon. So his is living a life of depression and physical pain. While I chose to not listen to the Physician and chose that and I wasn’t going to die. I kept the faith and asked for prayer when I needed it, and got right with God. That was 10 ten years ago. I have had many cancer checks and there is no sign I’ve ever had cancer.

I keep telling my mind that the doctor was wrong. That I was not ready to die. I was still needed. And God is the Greatest Physician there is. There were only one of two reasons why I was healed, Mind over matter or God healed me! I think it was a little of both.

People seem to just want a band-aid on everything, every illness. But we have to find the root cause. In order to find it. We also accept things people or doctors say as truth, but it reality the truth in the way we live and the creator of the Universe.

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