How To End Your Double-Mindedness

Have you ever found yourself wanting one thing but doing something totally opposite?

Like maybe after spending an hour at the gym, then you decide to eat a bowl of ice cream. Chances are, you’ll never reach your goal on the bathroom scale that way. Or you want to get married, but you want to keep being selfish. You want to make impulsive purchases when shopping and you have no financial growth security. Or you’re not ready to stop sinning, but you want a growing relationship with God. Stop! It doesn’t work that way. These things cannot co-exist, and it’s double-mindedness to want them.

Notice Three Things The Bible Says About DoubleMindedness:

First double-Minded people are everywhere. There is double-mindedness in all of us. There are competing things we want that we try to make it go together. And we have to think differently about this.

If I really want this, I’m not going to have that. I have to get off the fence and stop with the in-between. No more half-measures. I have to settle this. What do I really want?

Second, double-mindedness creates instability. Are the kids wondering which mom is coming home today? Is he extended family worried about how that uncle is going to act at the next family gathering? Are all the employees on edge anticipating what the office will be like when the boss arrives?

Or maybe it’s you. Your unstable, and you know it. The people around you sure know it. You’re unpredictable. You might try to hide it in public, but people close to you see it and they never know what to expect from you. The Botton line is that you want two things that can’t co-exist, and it make you unstable.

Third, double-mindedness affects everything. The guys who is double-minded about his marriage? It’s affecting his career. The woman who’s double-Minded about her finances? It’s affecting her parenting.

You might protest, “I make some bad financial decisions, but I would never do anything to hurt my family!” Well, you actually are. Double-mindedness affects everything.

In the past I drank a lot of alcohol, thinking it would help me relax from my stressful life. But it all actuality it made it worse, I let in affect my marriage, my parenting, and I never had any money. It affected my life in every aspect.

Ending double-mindedness isn’t easy, but it’s pretty simple. You have to want to think differently. And you have to take action that reinforces your desire.

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” – James 1:8

“Be doers of the word, and not hearing only, deceiving yourselves.” – James 1:22

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