Steps To Set And Achieve Bold Goals

I just applied a Goal Sheet, that I use when I need to set a goal. It is a guide line for when you want to set goals.

I am meeting with a group of friends every week using a weekly goal sheet to help us further our success in life.

I am working on Being Bold in public. I find it difficult to be bold and speak up when in a conversation with others. It is a goal that will take longer than a week, but that’s okay. It’s something I’ve needed to accomplish for a while now.

You’ve heard the saying, and it’s well known for a reason: If your goals aren’t big enough that they inspire the socks off you (even if they simultaneously leave your knees shaking), then you’re going to be hard pressed to stay the course over the long term to make the. A reality.

There’s a catch: You need to write them down.

While it’s now accepted wisdom that having a plan that sets you up for success, versus having no plan, sticking rigidity to a pre-set course of action can actually work against you in the long run.

The Key Is Flexibility

Put another way, if your plan A to get from where you are now to where you want to go isn’t working for you, then be willing to change course and go with plan B, or C or D.

Having a plan to achieve a goal can improve your change for success, but if followed rigidly, it can make you close-Minded and unable to identify better and more viable options as conditions change.

I have set up times during my day, the work on my goal, such as praying and asking God for help. Reading articles of goal setting. Even if it 20 minutes a day. It will help you achieve your goals.

Qualities Everyone Needs To Reach Their Biggest Goals

1. Set Bold Goals. Vision equals power. So as you look out to the year ahead, dare to set some brave, clear and compelling goals that excite and inspire you. Doing so helps you focus your time and energy more effectively and will set you up to accomplish more than you otherwise would.

For example, do you want to change jobs. Do want to watch your mouth. Write it down in ways that specify a clear what and when that enable you to track and measure success.

2. Make A Plan. Create a game plan to achieve your goals. That is, what specific actions and strategies will you use to get from point A to your desired point B? If you want to change jobs you may want to take a few classes to learn a different skill, so you’ll be more capable for the other job. If you have to set your alarm earlier to work on your goal.

3. Review Your Plan. Every few weeks you can dedicate time to compare your progress to your plan and objectively assess how effectively your plan is working for you. If it’s not, look at the underlying reasons why. Are they temporary or permanent? Are they within your control or outside it? Be honest, even if the reality isn’t what you were hoping for.

4. Embrace Failing Forward. No one likes to fail. But unless we gives ourselves permission to fail fast and often we cannot possibly succeed. Often, people can get stuck because they were so attached to their plan A they don’t want to admit it’s not working or needs refining. So ask yourself here, what it might cost me if I maintain my current approach? Again be honest, even if it’s painful.

Sunk cost bias can drive otherwise intelligent people into a cycle of self-defeating (and unintelligent) decision-making. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that doing more of what’s not working suddenly will start working. Smart people fail all the time. They just don’t take years to do it. Learn to fail fast and quit quickly.

5. Tweak Continually. To get where you want to go you need to keep tweaking (experiencing) and adjusting your course until you arrive at your desired destination. This also includes adjusting where you’ve set your sights depending on what you learn as you move

Sometimes as we move toward goals, we gain greater clarity about what we truly want and what we don’t want. This is part of our journey as “human beings” discovering who we are and who we’re called to become in this world. For instance, when I decided to make a career change in Nursing in my late 30’s, I went to college to study Psychology and Criminal Justice. And I learned what my true calling as it was to be a bridge for others who were suffering through life.

Sometimes As We Move Towards Goals, We Gain Greater Clarity About What We Truly Want And What We Don’t Want.

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