The True Signs Of Holiness

What do you think of when you hear the word “spirituality” or a “spiritual person, ” a “holy man?” Most people picture someone who is somber, mystical transcendent. But in Acts 13:52, it is written that the disciples were “filled with great joy and the Holy Spirit.” Joy and the Holy Spirit… go together. Joy is even listed as one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

So you see, the most spiritual people are also those who have joy and who are truly filled with the Spirit. They do not argue all day about the gifts of the Spirit but have the joy of the Lord.

Those believers rejoice in the love of God from morning to night. The good news is since joy is of the Spirit, it is not dependent on the flesh or the world or your circumstances. There is never a situation in which you can’t have joy, for true joy is based on the Spirit, and the Spirit is not bound by circumstance. Rejoice in the Lord always. For it’s time to get spiritual, and the spiritual are those who rejoice.

Practice the practice of rejoicing always, rejoicing unconditionally, rejoicing no matter what-However far you get, you’ll be more blessed than you were.

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