When A River Is Not A River

A river isn’t a river when it stops flowing. If a river stops moving, whether by freezing or by becoming stagnant, it’s no longer a river. The life of God in us is compared to a river-rivers of living water flowing out of our innermost being. If you stop following in God, your walk will become stagnant or frozen.

Therefore, if you want to be really alive in God and be filled with the abundant life of God, you can’t stay the same or you’ll get stagnant. You have to get going and flowing. You’ve got to keep growing and changing into His image. You might be all frozen up right now. In the power of God, start breaking the ice of your spiritual rut. Break the ice of your worship.

Ask God to lead you. Do what you know He’s leading you to do. Break the ice with that person you haven’t forgiven or that unsaved stranger and tell them about God’s love. Get moving, get flowing, break the ice, and the river will flow. Because the abundant life is a river, and a river must flow.

Become an ice breaker today. Get it flowing and keep it moving in the power of God.

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