Sometimes, Being Strong Is Your Only Option

Sometimes, life put us in situations where you only have two options: Either giving up or being strong. Never give up because the best is yet to come.

I am writing about being strong because I’m in a situation where I have been ready to give up, throw in the towel as they say. I have managed to break my ankle in 3 places and cannot put weight on it for 6 weeks.

There are times in life when things don’t always go well. We feel like everything is against you and there’s nothing you can do about it. But then we realize something that we may not have realized before: that sometimes being strong is your only option.

Life often gives us difficulties so that we can learn to never give up. While we may feel helpless and wonder why crazy situations have to happen to us, we will see that we can make it through this and more.

The Story Of The Two Mice

Illustrated this concept of strength. Here’s a short story. It’s about two nice trying to get out of a situation they find themselves in.

There were once two mice that fell into a bucket of cream. They felt themselves sinking immediately. It was impossible to float for a very long in the thick cream. It was like being stuck in quicksand.

They swam around the edge of the bucket looking for a way out, but it was useless. All they could do was swim in place or let themselves sink. It was becoming harder and harder to stay about the surface.

One of them said, “I can’t do it anymore. There’s no way out of this stuff, we can’t keep swimming forever. Since we’re going to die anyway, I see no reason to prolong the suffering. There’s no point in dying of exhaustion for a futile effort.”

Having said that, the mouse stopped kicking it’s legs and was swallowed by the thick, white liquid.

The other mouse, more persistent or perhaps more stubborn, said: “That‘s no way to go! If I’m going to die, I’m going to do it fighting to my last breath. I don’t want to did a second before my time comes.”

He kept treading in the cream for hours and hours. Then, from all his kicking and struggling, the cream began to turn into butter.

The surprised mouse was soon able to get enough footing to jump and reach the edge of the bucket and get out.

Why give in? We all have a survival instinct that urges up to keep going, but many people are like the first mouse and just give up. Perseverance and seeing things through is how to get out of any situation, however, complicated the situation.

Never Give Up

Being strong is your only option. It’s true that we sometimes give up on things because we don’t have enough motivation. But imagine one of the worst situations you could ever experience or has happened to you. At times like these. You only have one option- Be Strong.

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