Run Towards The Roar

When antelopes hear the sound of a lion’s roar their instinct tells them to run in the opposite direction. Doing so, hosever, means they run to almost certain death because lions expect their prey to do just that. The male of the pride anticipates where the antelope will run while the lionesses lie in ambush opposite the male. When the Lion roars, the startled antelopes run directly into the jaws of the waiting lionesses.

In our life, we will experience pain. We will experience tragedy. We will be frightened.

Pain is terrifying. Pain can be blinding. But pain cannot kill you.

When we experience pain, when we experience tragedy, when we are frightened we must stand strong. Dig deep. Do not panic,

Run towards the pain.

Run towards the fear.

Run towards the roar.

When we are faced with great danger and when people panic and seek false sense of safety, we must run towards the roaring and go where we fear to go. When we face our fears we can find safety and a way through. When the world rattles and the end seems near, go towards the roar.

We often turn our backs to the things that cause us fear or stress. What if these fears were the roars in our life that we ran towards and brought increase faith to our lives?

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