Kindness And Generosity, The Path To Happiness

“No One Can Sincerely Try To Help Another Without Helping ThemselvesCharles D. Warner-

Giving from the heart brings happiness. That’s a universal truth.

One of the underlying qualities that motivates us to give is kindness-a quality that takes an active interest in the welfare of others. Kindness is often shown through helpful acts, friendliness, hospitality, and a warm-hearted demeanor.

Closely connected to giving and kindness is generosity, which is defined as the quality of being selfless and willing to give freely.

The Result? Happiness

Yes, the path of happiness is paved with acts of kindness and generosity. Here are three ways in which you can show those qualities and reap joy.

Give with Kindness and Generosity

Thoughtful giving requires awareness of the needs of others and taking positive actions to fill that need. One of the simplest and most rewarding ways to showing kindness and generosity is giving of yourself, your time, and your energy.

Some believe that true, selfless kindness and generosity, with no expectation of something in return, doesn’t exist. To be able to give in that way means you need to analyze your motives for giving, quell the ego that fuels your pride, and change the perception you have of others. For a truly selfless person, the results of giving count, no matter who does it. In other words, you should be just as happy if someone else gives with kindness and generosity as you would be if you had a part in it yourself.

It is easy to have that kind of mindset? Not always. But it certainly has its rewards. Although the expectation of getting something tangible back is minimized, generous and kind acts that are selfless yield their own return. They heighten your happiness by releasing feel-good chemicals in your brain.

Moreover, giving is contagious. Every generous and kind thing you can do can spread positively to others. To transfer a Spirit of kindness and generosity, all you have to do is begin with a heartfelt, positive behavior that appeals to other people’s emotions and that they can easily imitate.

A few week ago, I volunteered to make snow cones at a fundraiser. A gentleman paid for 2 snow cones and then brought 2 snow cones for the people behind him, then the people he brought two snow cones for the people behind them, this went on for 4 times, until some one came along and broke the cycle. They people who received free snow cones went away happy knowing they brought some ones snow cones it brought a positive atmosphere out. One person showed kindness and generosity and a few kept it going.

Respond With Kindness And Generosity

Just as important as taking the initiative to give is responding with kindness and generosity. That’s easy when you are the recipient. Every kindness shown to you is an opportunity to reciprocate freely.

Sometimes, you may not get the chance to respond in kind to the one giving to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t respond. Why not transfer your response to someone else and pass on the generosity and kindness shown to you? Giving is contagious, especially if it’s passed on to a variety of people.

The hardest thing about responding with kindness and generosity when you are treated with unkindness. Nor responding in kind in that situation is what yields its rewards. Instead, your kindness is shown by understanding that they are just as human and fallible as you are, and you don’t know what impulses they may be acting upon them at that very moment. Your generosity let’s you give the. A wide berth and abundance of patience.

If everybody would aim for that type of kind and generous response, even when provoked, our world would be a totally different place. You have the power to take the first step, make a change, and transform our society.

Be Kind And Generous To Yourself

One of the hardest things for any is to show ourselves the same kindness and generosity helps you to grow. It boosts your feelings of self-worth. And that, in turn, allows you to give more to others. When you feel confident and good about yourself, you tend to inspire those around you.

Inner growth isn’t easy, it takes patience, self-compassion, and persistence. It isn’t about feeling good or putting yourself on a pedestal. It is about showing respect and compassion for yourself, it’s about sending yourself a message that will motivate you long into the future to be a kind and generous person with everybody.

Kindness and generosity are beautiful qualities. They involve expressing heartfelt interest in the welfare of others by word and deed. A generous and kind act can give us conform and reassurance. It helps us to realize that someone cares. And it makes us happy.

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