The Shofar

Once the horn of a Ram, the shofar has been cut off and taken through a cleansing process, making it an instrument separated from any purpose other than responding to breath passing through its chamber. We, the servants of the King, are maturing in the same process in the school of the Holy Spirit.

Patterns of sound released from this instrument in faith and understanding, and at the direction of the Holy Spirit, is one of the most powerful agents of change on the planet. Spiritual forces in the heavens understand fully and must respond to that sound. Portals in the heavens are opened and the earthly atmosphere charged with the power of the Most High.

Spiritual forces and obstacles resisting His kingdom are removed, the heavens shift, walls fall down. Kingdom Come… on earth as it is in Heaven.


Nine short staccato blasts – – – – – – – – –

Sound an alarm in my Holy mountains, Joel 2 declares. It is also a all to arise and shine and be radiant in the glory of the Lord. It is a call to be alert and confident in Whose you are and whom you serve. The battle is the Lords. (Numbers 10:5,7,9, 2 Chronicles 13:12 Jeremiah 4:19, 49:2, Joel 2:1, Zephaniah 1:16)


Three Medium Blasts — — —

The release of these breaker blasts breeches that which resists the purpose of God in the earth.

Isaiah 28:21, “For the Lord shall rise up as in Mount Perazim, (Mount Breeches) he shall be wroth as in the valley of Gideon, that He may do his work, His strange work, and bring to pass His act, His strange act.”


One Long Blast ——————

Is an “It is finished” proclamation of God’s so hailing Him as ruler of the world. We, like the herald’s trumpets, announce that the authority of the King has come. At the name of the Messiah every knee must bow.

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