Discerning The Voices In Our Heads

There are three voices that we hear every day. Two are in our head and one in our soul, but only one is in our spirit.

The first voice is the voice of our flesh. This voice is full of the words from our story, and can both negative and positive. The voice of your flash might include positive messages from your parents, like “Just do you best; and leave the rest to God,” or “Always tell the truth, and we will be proud of you.” The voice of your flesh will also include negative messages like, “Admit nothing, especially never admit guilt” or “You will fail if you try, so don’t do it,” and “I really don’t deserve to be blessed by God so don’t expect it.”

The second voice that we could hear on the inside could be that of a demonic spirit. They are roaming about the earth seeking someone to devour. -1 Peter 5:8- If you are opening the door to their deception. Demons will us their voices to speak into your soul and you could be hearing those voices. They will enter your mind spoken person. “I am so stupid… I can’t do anything right; I’m so hurt, I’ll never forgive them; I’ll will never be successful like so-in-so; I can’t understand the Bible, so why try; Everyone a church is such a hypocrite… I’m not going anymore.”

Then there is a third voice, the right voice. This is the voice of God. He said “My sheep will hear my voice, and I know then, and they follow me.” -John 10:27- Through the In dwelling Holy Spirit, the Lord speaks to us. He always speaks that which is either the way of scripture. The Spirit is called the Spirit of Truth in John 14:17, and Jesus says, “ you know Him because He abides in you.” It should be understood that the Holy Spirit is in us to guide us, train us and speak to us truth. He tells us the truth.

Every day you will hear these voices of your life, and each voice will urge your obedience. Can you discern these three voices? Do you know the sound of each voice?

Here are some tips to help you recognize who is speaking to you:

Does the voice condemn you, criticize you, scold you or mock you? Then it is either the negative voice of your childhood, or it is the voice of the demonic.

Does the voice tell you to kill yourself, or that you could pick up that rope/ shot gun/ hammer/ knife and either hurt yourself or someone else? Then that is voice of the demonic, God would never tell you to do any of that. God only speaks good, true, positive to us. Not murder, death or suicide.

Does the voice tell you to defend yourself by attacking others; does the voice tell you that it is not your fault and that others are all to blame; does this voice keep rehearsing the perfect argument over and over, all day Saturday and Sunday, preparing you to give a sterling account of your goodness/ innocence/or correctness on Monday morning at the office… well, then that is the voice of your shame. (flesh)

If the voice tells you that you are loved, that’s the Lord’s voice. If the voice tells you to “meet me in my Word,” then that’s the Lord. If the voice tells you that you should offer/serve/ give up your own rights to seek good for someone else, then that is most likely the voice of God.

You will hear messages all day. If you head is full of confusion, noise and traffic, then that’s a sign that you are operating under the influence of the flesh and/ or demonic. If your head is full of peace, quiet, or a scripture verse,a worship song you just heard then you are hearing the voice of the Great Shepherd. He knows you. He knows the words to lead you with. Listen for Him. Get quiet and listen, and learn to hear His voice.

When God speaks to you, abides in you, and teaches you, then you will have His peace. -John 14: 25-27- Know His voice, know peace.

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