Approaching The Mountain Top

The Bible says that our walk in the Lord is like going up a mountain. It’s an upward call, as ascent. Going up a mountain teaches us how to ascend in our calling in the Lord.

The mountain narrows until we reach the pinnacle, the thinnest part of the mountain. The secret of success in our walk is the higher you go in the Lord, the more we have to stay close to the center, the less we can go off to the right or to the left. The higher we go in the Lord, the less we can fool around, the more focused we need to be, the less we can afford to be distracted from God’s calling or engage in things which have no eternal value.

Our time, energy, resources, finances, work, home, marriage, our all- focused to the glory of God. God is calling us to the heights, we must learn to walk the straight and narrow. Stay closer to the center, focus all our lives to His Glory, and we’ll walk the heights and our feet shall stand on the pinnacle. Higher ground -Psalm 84:11-

Go one step higher in the Lord today. Get rid of one more distraction, sin, or compromise, and zero in on God’s perfect will for your life.

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